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   Chapter 11 Poor Mr. Long

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"It's okay. Don't worry. Mr. Long is on our side now. Everything is going to be fine."

Evan gently stroked Kristine's back and consoled her. He made sure that her eyes were still shut. What was happening was too violent for her to witness.

Kristine was an innocent girl. Otherwise, she would never have believed Mr. Long when he claimed that he could settle the problem nor would she have willingly brought Evan to them.

Evan didn't have the heart to hurt such an innocent sweet girl. All he could do was try his best to protect her from anything that would hurt or haunt her.

"Come on. What are you looking at? I said take him down!"

Scared of Mr. Long, the hooligans all froze. They looked at each other, but no one dared to move a muscle. Aiden became furious, shouting at his minions as he pointed at Mr. Long.

Take him? How were they supposed to take down a violent dangerous maniac?

Aiden's minions exchanged frightened looks. They had no idea what they should do to stop him.

They had heard of Mr. Long's legend ever since they started hanging on the streets. They knew clearly what he was capable of. He was basically a vicious animal trapped in a human body.

Picking a fight with him was like committing suicide. They might have had a tiny chance if they came together and attacked him together, but that would have only worked if the hungry ghost hadn't taken possession of his body. There wasn't a doubt that they had zero chance in this case.

Having no sense of pain or fear, Mr. Long was driven by extreme hunger inside him. Following Evan's orders, he was now literally a monstrous killing machine.

He kept on attacking the hooligans.

He had never felt more satisfied as his fists launched on their faces and bodies. Addicted to the feeling as he knocked them down one by one, Mr. Long excitedly flung his arms over and over again. He would never stop until he smashed their skulls into the ground and felt them break.

'This is weird.'

James stared at Mr. Long with great interest while touching his colorful hair thoughtfully.

The amiable-looking young man mumbled,"That Evan is truly interesting." His interest spiked.

He then laughed. "He got to Aiden this time. "

Did he?

Surprised, James turned to the young man,"I don't think so. Mr. Long is no big deal. He's just some old pathetic man. I'm sure they can handle him in no time."

The young man squinted at James and snorted. He said nothing in return. But deep down he labeled James as a moron who was too stupid to see what was going on.

James, however, wouldn't dare to offend him. He tried to display a rather timid smile while cursing the man inside.

"Come on! What are you waiting for?"

Aiden managed to stand, hands still covering his bleeding nose, and growled to his minions. They were obviously shocked by how violent Mr. Long had become.

"You want more? Just aim at him."

Seeing that Aiden had no intention to stop, Evan decided to play along.

Mr. Long stopped at Evan's order. He turned around abruptly and stared at Aiden with his blood-shot eyes. Aiden trembled at his vicious look, everything was happening too fast. Mr. Long flung himself towards Aiden before he could move.

"Long! How dare you lay your filthy hands on me? Damn you bastard! I swear to God, I will kill you!"

Aiden had never thought that Mr. Long would actually hit him. Mr. Long was taller and stronger than he was. Soon after, Aiden was losing the fight. He could barely block the punches, let alone fight back. The level of pain he felt, increased with each blow.

Even though there were bruises all over Aiden's body and he was bleeding, Mr. Long didn't stop.

Evan was surprised as well. 'Was Mr. Long going too far? It seemed to be too much.'

Aiden's face was swollen. Evan thought none of his friends would recognize him, not even his own mother. He looked absolutely horrible.

He was badly injured and not able to fight back. Aiden suddenly burst into tears because of the pain and humiliation.

The room was locked from the outside. No one could get out without Aiden's word. Aiden had specially planned for this because he wanted to make sure that Evan had nowhere else to run to when he was beating him up.

The plan seemed to work well. The man who was beaten did have nowhere else to run. Unfortunately, instead of Evan, Aiden was the one who had been beaten up in the end. The only thing Aiden wanted for now was to tear him limb for limb.

"Come here."

Watching Aiden lying on the floor, weeping hopelessly, Evan felt sorry for him. He didn't have the heart to continue and he called Mr. Long to him. Evan looked at Aiden with sympathy. He could hardly find any words to describe how bad in shape Aiden was. But he knew for sure that Aiden was definitely no longer the handsome man he used to be.

Mr. Long went to Evan, standing submissively by his side. Except for his blood-shot eyes and continuous grumbling of 'Eat! Eat! Eat!', Mr. Long seemed perfectly normal.


what now? Are we done?"

Evan ignored Aiden and grinned at the amiable-young man.

Even as arrogant as James and Aiden, he had to show him the respect. Evan knew he was the leader of the pack.

"Yes, we are. You got him. I'm not sure whether this issue has been settled. But I do know that you two are now officially arch enemies."

He smiled and shrugged,"Anyway, it's not my business. You two can settle it between yourselves. You can leave, unless you want to stay for dinner."

"I think I'll pass,"

Mumbled Evan. He took Kristine's shaky hands and said softly,"Let's get out of here."

'Get out of here?'

Kristine was still in a trance. Though she covered her eyes as Evan asked, she was not deaf and she had heard everything. She was so scared that her heart was still racing. She placed her hand over her chest and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down.

"The door?"

Pointing at the door, Evan grinned and looked over at the young man again.

"It's open..."

The young man shrugged again,"... off you go."

Evan slightly nodded. He didn't know whether he could trust him. But he knew that they could never hurt him as long as he had the hungry ghost by his side. Taking Kristine's hand, he casually walked towards the door and turned the knob.

There were several sturdy men, all dressed in black suits, guarding the door outside. When Evan walked out with Kristine, they cast a curious look at them and glanced inside the room through the crack of the open door. They were all stunned when they saw what had happened inside. What the hell was going on?

Without any hesitation, they immediately stopped Evan and Kristine.

"Let them go."

The young man smiled and casually waved his hand at them.

The men in black paused in surprise and reluctantly let Evan and Kristine leave.

"You just let them go? After all, I mean, this is too much."

James gasped as he saw Aiden sprawling on the floor. He was badly injured. Besides, once people knew what happened tonight, their power within the city would diminish.

"Look at him."

The young man pointed at Mr. Long and sat on the couch. James was confused. Following his gesture, James carefully looked at Mr. Long again.

And he noticed something unusual this time. Mr. Long neither talked nor moved. He simply stood by the door motionlessly like a statue.

James was about to approach him to get a better look when Mr. Long suddenly knelt down and passed out.

Was he okay?

James stopped. He glanced over between the young man and Mr. Long, clueless about what to do.

"Don't you get it? His change in demeanor.. hmm.. Mr. Long was possessed!"

The young man curled his lips,"I'm actually more interested in Aiden's plan to revenge. I can hardly wait for it."

James seemed to understand what the young man meant. He nodded hastily and replied,"Yes, yes. So am I."

Evan led Kristine out of the hotel. Kristine still couldn't believe what had happened. She stared incredulously at Evan and asked eagerly,"What happened? Why would Mr. Long suddenly turn against them? I really don't understand."

"Let it go then."

Evan beamed and said,"I have to work tomorrow. But you promised me dinner tonight. Your treat. Are you trying to ditch me?"

"No, I'm not! I will take you for dinner. But..."

Kristine kept on muttering. She was trying to find a reasonable explanation for what she had experienced. It was too spooky and she felt like she was losing her mind.

Evan didn't care to explain. Some secrets must stay secret.

Kristine continued to mumble to herself, in a confused state. Evan, however, thought that Mr. Long was not worthy of their concern. And Mr. Long had better find a way to explain to Aiden what happened to him.

Given that Mr. Long was the one who had picked the fight, Evan didn't feel guilty at all about what happened to him.

All he could think about for the moment was what Kristine was going to treat him to. What would happen to Mr. Long in the future and how he should settle his problems with Aiden had nothing to do with Evan.

"Is this what you are treating me to? Are you kidding me?"

Evan stopped at the greasy store by the road. Though, judging by the customers, it seemed to be a popular restaurant, Evan was actually thinking about five-star hotel service or something like that along their way.

"Well, I don't have enough money for a decent three-course meal. Trust me, the food in this restaurant is really delicious. Wait until you taste it. I'm a regular customer here and I can assure you of that."

Kristine smiled at Evan, even though he was frowning. She, however, was quite pleased with the dinner arrangement.

Sitting side by side in the restaurant, Kristine immersed herself in her own thoughts while waiting for their dishes. She still didn't get why Mr. Long would go against Aiden and help them.

Stealing a glance at Evan, Kristine came up with a plan. She decided to get Evan drunk and make him tell her everything she wanted to know.

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