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   Chapter 10 You Are Supposed to Pass Out

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"You want to make it up to me?"

Aiden glanced up and down Kristine's body and smirked, "Nice body. I bet you are still a virgin. Right?"

Aiden's nasty look chilled Kristine. She shivered and stepped backward unconsciously.

She was nervous and frightened.

"I have too many women at my disposal to care about an inexperienced little virgin. Now move along."

Aiden curled his lips and pushed Kristine away without any hesitation.


Kristine froze. Didn't he have a crush on her? What was going on here? Why did he push her away?

She was confused, without the faintest inkling what these well-born young masters thought about all day long. She was a gorgeous web streamer, yet he showed no interest in her?

"Tell me. Did you have fun kicking me yesterday?"

Walking directly passed Kristine, Aiden strode forward and stopped in front of Evan. A few steps away, a small group of hooligans stared at them, sneering.

"Yeah, real fun."

Without any hesitation, Evan nodded firmly.

Aiden trembled all of a sudden, wondering whether he had picked on the wrong guy.

Then he thought of something and laughed. He raised his thumb at Evan and yelled, "Great. You're the only one who has ever dared to talk to me like this. I'm impressed."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Evan answered smoothly, a grin on his face.


The amiable-looking man, along with his friend Ben, couldn't help looking incredulously at Evan. However, he thought Evan was only bluffing, and he would learn his lesson in no time.

"Well, well. Compliment? How about I compliment you in this way?"

Aiden raised his hand and darted towards Evan, ready to slap him on the face.


Evan fought back within a split second. And just like what happened in the afternoon, Aiden was kicked and he flew backward straight to the ground. Roaring in agony, Aiden doubled over and wrapped his arms around his stomach, cold sweat streaming down his forehead.

'What the hell?' Everyone in the room looked on in silence.

Mr. Long was stunned. Damn it! This fellow was playing with fire.

Did he realize that he was supposed to lay low in someone's turf? How could he be so arrogant?

"Holy crap!"

The young man dressed in a rivet jacket was amazed by Evan's response. He couldn't help but cry out, "Awesome! Sick moves dude!"

Staring at Evan with great interest, the amiable-looking young man curled his lips into a small smile. 'This man was really interesting, ' he thought.


Kristine let out a terrified scream. He was picking a fight even though he was clearly outnumbered. Had he lost his mind?

"Come here."

Evan crooked his fingers at Kristine.

Meanwhile, the hooligans hurried towards Aiden, carrying him to check how badly he was injured. Some of them even glared at Evan.

"I just want to talk to her. You can do whatever you want to me after we finish. How does that sound?"

Evan shrugged and asked. Aiden, struggling to get on his feet, had stopped some of his men who couldn't wait any longer to knock Evan down. Evan then grinned at them.


Anxious and frightened, Kristine was about to cry any minute now. She didn't understand how Evan could act so calmly.

She was not stupid. She knew that they would definitely beat him up and then insult him in more horrible ways than she could ever imagine.

"Stop crying. I'm still alive."

Evan wiped the tears off Kristine's eyes and said softly, "You'll end up ruining your makeup."

"Thank you."

Anyway, it was because of her that Evan had gotten involved in such a mess in the first place. Kristine felt grateful for everything that Evan had done for her. He didn't have to help her yet he did. And she didn't know how could she ever pay him back.

"No big deal. By the way, it's about to get really nasty. You'd better cover your eyes first."

Smiling, Evan raised his right palm and hit Kristine hard on her neck.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy? Ouch! It hurts!"

Puzzled and in pain, Kristine flung her hand around her neck and looked at Evan doubtfully, tears dripping down her cheeks again.

"What? You are supposed to pass out! That's how it is on TV!"

Puzzled as well, Evan stared at Kristine and muttered. That was weird. He remembered the shows on TV. People usually fainted once they were hit on the neck.


James burst into laughter with one hand around his belly and the other thumping har

d on the table. His shoulders were trembling as he tried to utter a whole sentence, "Damn! This guy is really hilarious! Hahaha!"

The amiable-looking man seemed to be disappointed. He thought Evan was a good fighter. But it turned out that he was more likely to be an idiot. He soon lost his interest in Evan and looked away.

"What the hell are you laughing about? Take him down!"

James's laughter somehow sounded harsh to Aiden. Was this idiot making a fool out of him? Driven by outrage, Aiden shouted at his minions. "Beat him to death if necessary. It's on me!" added Aiden between gritted teeth.


Beat me to death?

Evan paused in huge surprise as color drained from his face.

'That was too much!' thought Evan, 'I only kicked you twice and you want to kill me?'

"Evan, Evan! What do we do now?"

Startled, Kristine grabbed at Evan's arms, her voice trembling in terror. Things were completely out of control. Though Kristine was only a young woman, she knew there were some people that you should never mess with. Yet they did. She had no idea what was going to happen and how she and Evan would survive their fury.

"Close you eyes."

Evan ran his palms on Kristine's eyes and whispered in her ears. He was going to end them violently, and he didn't want to frighten her again.

The hooligans, with Aiden's permission, circled Evan. One of them even took out a three-sectional staff weapon and cracked it back and forth in the air.

To be honest, with the weapons in their hands and sneer on their faces, they would definitely scare the crap out of ordinary people. But Evan was not an ordinary man.

"Mr. Long, right?"

Evan slowly glanced over at the hooligans cornering him and fixed his eyes on Mr. Long.

"Got a problem?"

He retorted after a short pause. Why did Evan call him at this moment? What did he want?

"Take them out."

Evan pouted his lips at the hooligans, eyes still fixed on Mr. Long. Mr. Long froze and then laughed out, "Are you insane?"

Saying nothing, Evan just looked straight into his eyes. Mr. Long then felt the hairs on the back of his neck, stand up. He felt strange. 'Is he really a maniac?' he thought to himself, 'Otherwise, why should he tell me to take down my own men?' He trembled at the idea of him turning against Aiden. He would rather die before he betrayed Aiden.

"Dude, none of us want this to happen. You can only blame yourself for messing with the wrong guy."

The man with the three-sectional staff weapon displayed a crooked smile, as he raised the staff high and was ready to land it on Evan's face.

But what happened next made everyone's jaws drop in shock.

Mr. Long suddenly jumped up and darted towards the hooligan like a crazy person. He flung the young man to the ground within a second and growled, "Eat, eat, eat!" Meanwhile, he kept punching him in the face over and over again.

'Pow! Pow! Pow!'

The gruesome sound of fist meeting flesh echoed in the room. Mr. Long, who was professionally trained, continued to punch the young man until he passed out.

What was going on?

James's mouth slightly dropped open. He had totally forgotten about Aiden. Even the amiable-looking man frowned in surprise and stared at Evan with a mixed feeling.

"Mr. Long, are you out of your mind?"

Those hooligans apparently knew him, and seeing him attack one of them, they shouted at him.

"Eat! Eat! Eat!"

Mr. Long cried in a low voice as he suddenly turned around and looked at the hooligans with blood-shot.

He was now like a monster out of its cage, or a mad dog with rabies. He flung himself towards the crowd and swung his fists at whoever he saw.

Hit by Mr. Long, a man staggered backward and bumped into Aiden. Aiden pushed the man off him and pointed at Mr. Long, snarling, "Long! Damn it! Are you crazy? Ouch!"

Hardly had he finished talking when Mr. Long punched him right on his nose with an iron stick. Some even heard the pop of his cartilage cracking.


Curling up on the floor again, Aiden covered his bleeding nose and screamed, "It's broken! My nose! Holy shit! You damn bastard! Kill him! I want him dead!"

Watching them fighting, Evan, on the other hand, secretly sighed in relief. Luckily he got some extra help. Or he really didn't know how to get away with it.

"E, Evan..."

Shutting her eyes closed as Evan had instructed, Kristine called out nervously when she heard the noise around her.

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