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   Chapter 9 Lesson Learnt

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Kristine stood outside Evan's room, hesitating. Mr. Long had just called her and invited Evan and her to a dinner that night to clear the issue and settle it peacefully.

Kristine naively believed what Mr. Long told her and assumed it was because Aiden adored her. She deduced that the matter would solved just as promised.

After all, Aiden was the one who started the fight.

No matter how much Kristine wanted to go for the dinner, Evan had the final say. Kristine took a deep breath and knocked on Evan's door.


Evan opened the door after some time, yawning. Seeing Kristine standing at the door way looking anxious, he thought something bad happened.

"Uh...I asked someone to help us... and... so we have been invited for dinner tonight. I'm going, will you go to?"

Evan stared at Kristine without saying anything. Kristine paused to organize her words and said, "My... mentor, Mr. Long knows the man you kicked. He said that man wanted to be with me. As long as we smoothed things over today face-to-face with that man, there wouldn't be any issue any more."

'Jesus! How naive is this girl! She is just as stupid as me when I believed there was anything like true love, years ago, ' Evan thought, As he fiddled with his trimmed beard. Then, he glimpsed at the clock on the wall. It was dusk already, ten minutes after six.


Evan agreed. He didn't want to turn down Kristine's kind request. What's more, it would be dangerous if Kristine went for the dinner alone.

After all, bad people were ubiquitous in today's society. On a daily basis, Evan watched or heard news headlines about young beauties being kidnapped and rapped.

He didn't assume he was a hero, but he was going to stick his nose in this matter and ensure her safety.

Kicking the rich play boy gave him a divine feeling.

A Excursor SUV cruised to downtown and stopped at the parking area of Rising Sun Hotel less than half a hour later.

Although Rising Sun Hotel was just a three-star hotel, it looked grandiose. There were rows of sedans, worth at least RMB Five Hundred Thousand, at the parking area owing to its popularity.

Kristine saw Mr. Long pacing around the hotel gate the moment she get out of the car.

"That is Mr. Long." She pointed at him.


Evan looked towards the direction Kristine pointed and nodded casually.

"Hey, why are you so calm? Aren't you worried about what we are gonna face?"

Kristine couldn't help rolling her eyes at Evan.

If she knew Evan had a hungry ghost beside him, she wouldn't have worried about anything.

Seeing Kristine, Mr. Long walked towards them and led them into the hotel.

"You are finally here. Mr. Zhao has been waiting for you for a long time. Are you Evan? The guy who kicked Mr. Zhao down? Good for you!"

Mr. Long complained while glimpsing at Evan, from time to time, with explicit disdain.

In his opinion, Evan was just a reckless youth, struggling to stand out and would eventually end up with a mediocre life.

In this society, no matter how powerful you were, there would always be someone that had a way of putting you in their place.

Evan turned a deaf ear to Mr. Long's ironic words while Kristine kept chiming in, inquiring about Aiden's disposition and thinking about how to entertain Aiden and settle the problem peacefully.

Although Evan hadn't experienced this kind of issue before, he had watched some movies with similar scenes. He knew the only solution to fix this situation was being unbowed.

Powerful people were arrogant while incompetent people tended to fawn upon the rich and powerful.

Actually Evan was not sure if he was competent and resourceful enough to fix the matter. He couldn't help grinning when he glimpsed at the hungry ghost beside him.

Looking at Kristine, who seemed to be anxious, Evan thought she was a good woman. At least, she was on his side on this matter.

Mr. Long led them across the resplendent hall and walked towards a private room on the third floor.

There were two bodyguards in black suits standing outside the door. Mr. Long opened the door, displaying a pl

astic smile, "Welcome. After you, please..."

Kristine had trusted Mr. Long for some time.

The webcast industry she was in, was as dirty and obscene as the entertainment industry. As a prominent figure, Mr. Long was powerful enough to the point that he once forced several camgirls to have sex with him.

He also expressed his interest in Kristine. What surprised Kristine was that he didn't make any trouble for her after she declined his request. From then on, Kristine had been thinking that he was a straight and reliable man.

The private room was quite big. It was covered by red thick carpet and decorated with light golden flowers.

There was a square table in the middle of the room, covered by a piece of hand-embroidered tablecloth with a light golden lace border. Three young men were sitting around the table. The man sitting in the middle looked handsome. But he kept a unpleasant poker face throughout.

What was interesting was that the two men sitting beside him were in totally different attire. The one sitting on the left looked gentleman-like in a black suit while the one sitting on the right looked wild. He wore a leather jacket with rivets and a nose ring. His hair was dyed in several colors.

All of them stared at the door way, expecting Kristine and Evan to walk in.

Kristine was an undisputed beauty. She was slender, with delicate features. With light make up and lovely long hair, she looked pure and earned hundreds of thousands of male netizens' affection.

However, all three men in the room neglected such a beauty and gazed at Evan who was behind her.

"Aiden, is he the guy who kicked you? Hey buddy, good for you. I've been wanting to beat Aiden for the longest time, but never got the chance. But you did."

Seeing Evan, who was just wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, the man with colorful hair stood up, walked to Evan, looked at Evan up and down and said with a grin, "Cool! Are you good at Martial Arts? How did you manage to kick Aiden down to the ground? Hahaha..."

Kristine was worried. She wanted to explain and speak for Evan, but gave up when she saw Mr. Long shaking his head to her.

"James, what the hell are you talking about? Shut up!"

Aiden stood up with his eyes widened in rage and walked over towards James.

James was mocking him obviously!

Evan arched his eyebrows and sneered. It seemed that these rich play boys didn't get along well with each other.

"All right, Aiden and James. Come back and sit down."

The handsome man said with a slight smile as he knocked on the table.

Hearing the handsome man's words, Aiden and James, who were glaring at each other, repressed their fury and went back to their seats.

'Crack!' The private room was locked from the outside. Then, several burly men, who looked like gangsters, walked in, emerging from a small room tacked away on the right side.

"Mr. Long..."

Kristine turned to him in panic.

He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sorry. I'm willing to help but unable to do so. Mr. Zhao is still angry about what happened."

Kristine's eyes became blood-shot with anger.

She shouted at Mr. Long, helplessly, "But you told me that you have fixed this! How could you lie to me?"

She knew she shouldn't have offended Aiden. He was powerful enough to torture her and Evan. She naively assumed Mr. Long could help her. It seemed that reality was teaching her lesson at this very moment.

In Mr. Long's opinion, Kristine was just a negligent camgirl. She just didn't seem worth the trouble.

'Why hasn't Evan uttered a word since he come in? Is he too?frightened to say anything?' He wondered.

"Hump! How naive are you, Kristine. If I let you off that easily, how would others think about me in the future?"

Aiden sneered.

"Mr. Zhao, it was all my fault! How do you want to fix this? I will make up it up to you..."

Kristine said anxiously as she stepped closer to Aiden.

Evan saw Kristine's legs trembling. She was just an ordinary girl who had never experienced this kind of situation.

Aiden's menacing and intimidating gangsters indeed horrified her.

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