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   Chapter 8 Impulsive Nature Leads to Danger

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"Watch out!"

Kristine screamed. The handsome rich boy rose so fast that no one had the chance to reason with him. His raised hand was heading straight to land on Evan's face.

Indeed, the guy was born from a rich family. Usually everyone would put him on a pedestal. Now he finally stepped off the pedestal and got down to propose. The rejection was already harsh enough, and even though Evan had good intentions, to him those words were no less hurtful. Why wouldn't he want to slap Evan?

Yet what shocked him was that before his hand reached Evan's face, Evan kicked him, straight on his abdomen.


The rich-looking dude was kicked straight to the ground and was on his knees again, arching his back like a shrimp. He then covered his abdomen and rolled on the ground, looking at Evan venomously and gritting his teeth.


"That's a cool kick!"

"Dude must've practiced."


Many pedestrians were looking on in surprise. They didn't know how to react. One guy started the fight without any warning, and the other fought back in self-defence. The point was that the counter move was so fast and clean.

"What are you still doing here? Leave!"

Relishing the kick, Evan grabbed the dazed Kristine and waded past the crowd. They ran straight towards the Excursor SUV.

Even when they drove off, Kristine was still in shock.


The SUV pulled up by the side of the road. Kristine breathed out, still worried and tense. She turned her head. Seeing that Evan was just staring out of the window with one hand on his forehead like nothing had happened, she reluctantly broke the silence,"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Evan turned to her and smiled.

"Welcome for what? You might get into trouble because of me."

Kristine pouted, angry that Evan still didn't know how serious things could be.

That guy had parked his Big Bull by the side before he proposed. How much did a Big Bull cost? Must be at least five million. Whoever could afford to drive a luxurious car like that couldn't just be some random rich guy.

Kristine felt a little guilty and didn't know what to say. If she had known this would have happened, she wouldn't have brought Evan along to her livestream. Now things had become serious.

"What could possibly happen? I'm just a nobody. What could I be afraid of? I got nothing to lose."

Evan smiled and said,"Besides, I was saving a beauty like you. I don't think any man would reject the opportunity to help you. After all, a fair lady is a gentleman's desire."

"You're still joking around. I'm being serious. That you just now--"

Kristine still wanted to say something, but Evan turned his head and looked out the window in silence.

What a joke! If it were before, Evan would definitely be anxious all day after he had crossed someone like that. But he had already survived the hungry ghost's possession of Kim last night, and now Evan certainly wouldn't fear anyone at night.

The rich dude should be afraid of him. So Evan didn't really care about things like that and just brushed away the thought.

But Kristine did not share his indifference.

"What about if I ask around later, and find out who the guy was? Maybe I can help..."

Kristine was clearly upset. She couldn't understand his chilled reaction to what just happened. He seemed to be putting up a front, but what was the point at such a time?

"No, don't. I'm responsible for what I did. Beautiful, you should just relax and work on your livestreams. Don't worry about this too much. In this day and age, anyone out hustling has some kind of background, right?"

Evan laughed and took out a cigarette. He asked,"Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Smoke all you want and die."

Kristine was angry and in no mood to livestream ever again. This guy before her dared claim a background? If he really had some form of background, how could his girlfriend have dumped him. It was utter nonsense to her.

Smoke slowly rose from his nostrils, as Evan noticed that Kristine still wasn't about to drive. He knew that she was concerned about him, and he was somewhat grateful. He quietly said, his voice almost a whisper,"You won't be able to resolve this. I kicked him so hard in front of everybody. He would hate me for a lifetime. Even if you wanted to help, what are you willing to offer to make this right? Besides, beautiful, think about it. Even if you somehow handled it, would he just let me go?

Nowadays, there are more than enough impulsive young men out there. A few might have their brains with them. But when those people confront the ordinary folks like us, they probably left their brains at home. Haha..."

Evan laughed callously. Seeing that Kristine's expression had turned bitter, he got back on track and continued,"... relax, I'm not a fool. And I didn't kick him out of impulse."

"Then why?"

Kristine stared at him earnestly.

"Because I didn't feel good. I didn't get to propose to you, and he somehow cut the line. I was the one close to you and I hadn't gotten the chance yet. If I let you go like this, what would people say

about me?"

Picking up on Evan's sarcastic tone, Kristine couldn't help but laugh,"You don't deserve me."

"I know, I know. Just don't worry about my safety. Alright, let's go back. I just remembered that I still have a case left unfinished. I need to finish it, otherwise my boss will stress me out at work."

Evan muttered.

"You sure, it's alright?"

Kristine asked one more time, her voice dripping with concern.

Evan didn't answer her and turned away to keep smoking.

Kristine pouted. She made a decision in her mind that she would still try to do something to resolve the situation.

They safely drove back. Kristine went home to her streaming again, and Evan returned to his residence. He didn't get enough sleep in the morning, so it was just the right time for him to get some extra sleep.

But when he was asleep, his good neighbour Kristine was busy contacting all her connections.

"Mr. Long, you have to help me with this. My friend was just helping me out. Please, I beg you. I have been streaming for so long with you and never begged you. You gotta help me resolve this."

Kristine was clutching at her phone and pacing back and forth in her room, furnished with one colour scheme in mind, pink.

"Kristine, this is pretty big. Do you know who that guy is? He is the young master of Linhai's club for the wealthy, Aiden Zhao. What your friend did is known all over Linhai now. My god, it's not easy to deal with him. Okay, you should calm down. I'll see what I can do."

The voice on the other end of the line sounded a bit irritated.

"Thank you, Mr. Long."

Kristine let out a long sigh. If Long was willing to help, perhaps there was some recourse. She didn't want Evan to suffer because of her business.

"Right, the kid who helped you. Who is he?"

Just when Kristine was about to hang up, Mr. Long asked abruptly.

"A nobody."

Kristine pouted, thinking that if he were somebody, she wouldn't be begging.

"Oh, Okay, got it. You can go back to your livestream. Just wait for my call."

Long hung up. Kristine nodded to herself and turned on her stream again.

For her, there was nothing else to do but wait. She was just a streamer girl. What could she do? The proposal was indeed an unexpected situation, but why would Evan kick the guy without even thinking? Everything would have been fine if he had just restrained himself.

As for Aiden Zhao, she really didn't know anything about him. But she knew about the club that Long was talking about. Regular people didn't dare step anywhere near it.

While she was too distracted to livestream, the well-dressed Aiden Zhao was sitting in a luxurious office with a long face, looking at Mr. Long on the other side: "What? How are you gonna resolve this?"

"Me? Stop kidding. Master Zhao, you know what kind of friendship we have. I already told you at the very beginning that it's gonna be difficult to go after that girl Kristine. You gotta take it slow, it's more interesting that way as well. Then what did you do? You ran straight to the People's Plaza and propose to her. Who would say yes?"

Long was a bloke over thirty years old. He was big and strong, and wearing a black suit. But even the nice suit could not hide his fierce brawn and toughness.

"I rushed into it alright, but where the hell did that piece of shit come from? I didn't even frigging slap him, and he goddamn kicked me, shit--"

Recalling what happened, Aiden Zhao furiously turned over the coffee table before him. With a loud clank, the expensive glazed table broke into pieces.

"Alright alright, chill. I just got some information from Kristine. The dumb-ass kid is a nobody. It's gonna be easy to get some payback. At night, I'll have him escorted here. By that time, he's all yours to deal with, okay?"

Mr. Long smiled and lit a cigar. Watching as the smoke formed a cloud around him, he said,"The only thing I would worry about by then is that you'll be bored."

"Bored? He humiliated me. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with him. How will I get bored?"

Aiden was simmering. Evan's kick was powerful and brought him down on his knees. The sarcastic and pitiful looks from the pedestrians hurt him so much, like knives cutting across his face. It was painful just thinking about it.

"Right, that Kristine girl wanted me to handle this. Do you want to invite her tonight? Wine and dine her or something of the sorts?"

Mr. Long carefully observed Aiden. Even though Aiden was a weasel, he still had a powerful father, otherwise no-one would care about him.

Sometimes Long imagined how good it would be to have a good father like Aiden did.

"In my club there are many girls prettier than her, and I can do with them whatever I want and do all kinds of stuff to my liking. I approached Kristine only because she looked innocent and cute and she was not bad-looking. There's just something about her..."

Aiden shook his head, but before Mr. Long could say anything else, he slapped his thigh and said,"You're right! Bring her tonight. Then I'll show her what kind of power I have in front of that kid!"

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