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   Chapter 6 The Girl Next Door

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When he walked out of the nightclub, Evan paid particular attention to the young woman in the booth.

He felt that it was not safe to leave a drunk beauty there alone, so he left the hungry ghost with her. He knew it would come back to his Yama Palace automatically, and there was need to worry about it.

At least the woman was safe, even just for tonight, with it protecting her.

"Why are you coming home so late?"

When he arrived at his apartment, in the Xicheng District, he heard someone address him just as he was about to open his door.

He turned around, half-angry and half-laughing, and grinned at the girl in front of him, who was around 18 years old,"I don't have to report to you when I come home, do I?"

"Of course not. Ha! By the way, the girl who came looking for you this morning, is she your... girlfriend?"

Kristine Chen looked at Evan in a strange way and clicked her tongue,"... I can't believe that someone like you has a girlfriend."

"Whoa! Why can't I have a girlfriend?"

With a discontented expression, Evan continued,"... I'm not ugly and am in good shape. What's wrong with that?"

"You are poor!"

Kristine flipped her long hair, snorted with contempt and pouted,"I don't want to talk to you any more. I have to get up early tomorrow morning to live stream. Don't sleep too late!"

Bang! She closed her door.

Staring at the closed door, Evan couldn't help but pinch his nose and snort,"Strange girl!"

Still a little bit drunk, Evan turned around to open the door and murmured, 'This girl is still young but she is so beautiful. A true definition of a teenage girl next door, ha!'

When he finally figured out how to open and lock the door, he went straight to bed and fell asleep, without taking a shower or changing.

He was too tired.

First, he had been dumped by his girlfriend, which upset him a lot. Then he was blackmailed and became Yama, without any rhyme or reason. In addition, he got his revenge and earned some money after he had a good time with a young woman. He felt that his experience was so eventful that he could write a novel about it, a fantasy-suspense-thriller.

"Probably it was just a dream, and when I wake up tomorrow, there will be nothing." Evan thought.

The next day, the sun shone through the cracks left by the haphazardly closed curtain, yanking Evan out of his slumber.

He squinted, perusing the sparsely furnished room, trying to gather his thoughts. He sat up unwillingly, scratching his head in confusion. He thought, 'It's still early. I need to sleep some more.'

"Hold on—"

Just as he was about to lay back down, he jumped up and looked at his phone,"Damn it! It's ten in the morning.

I have to go to work!"

Anxiously, he found his clothes and went to the bathroom. After he washed his face and rinsed his mouth, he grabbed his phone and briefcase, and marched to the door. However, he stopped when he was in front of the door, glancing at the calendar.

It was the weekend.

"Damn. Motherfucker."

He pulled at his hair, that he had fixed, in frustration, went back to the bed and sat down idly.

"What the fuck!"

Sitting on the bed, he saw money on the bedside table. His eyes glistened, as his memories of last night flooded back. He began counting the money, excitedly.

"8, 637. My salary is 5, 000. Those guys yesterday gave me more than 3, 000...

It wasn't a dream!"

Evan's lazy demeanour changed, suddenly more energetic than ever.

"I want to go to the Yama Palace."

He called softly, but nothing happened.

"Was I dreaming?"

"Host, you cannot enter the Yama Palace in the daytime, only after 6 p.m."

The voice that suddenly rang in his head scared Evan, and assured him that he was not dreaming.

"All right. By the way, is there any new task?"

Since he had nothing to do, he started to feel bored.

"There is no new task at the moment, and the natural period of each task is seven days. Please inquire again, six days from now."

The emotionless voice of the system faded away gradually. Then Evan asked,"Oh wait, I remember there is a Book of Life and Death. How do I use it?"

"Please enter the Yama Palace after 6 p.m. and you will receive all the information you need then."

The system answered coldly.

"Okay. I got it."

Evan touched his nose and rummaged in the refrigerator. He found that his refrigerator was cleaner than his face.

"Since I have money, I will reward myself. If you look down on me today, I, Evan, will be beyond your reach in the future!"

Whispering, Evan kept thinking about the scene in which she knelt in front of him when he reached the pinnacle of his life one day. His face lit up with a triumphant smile.

"Your smile is obscene. What are you thinking about?"

Kristine, wearing a white dress, held a selfie stick with her phone on it. It seemed that she was about to give a live broadcast.


stine was actually a beautiful girl with long straight black hair, a side-swept fringe which made her look indolent, and a fair beautiful face, giving people the illusion that she was a little girl. However, she was mature beyond her age.

Her figure was sexy and her legs were long, thin and straight. If she wanted to be a model, as long as she had a good team supporting her, there would be no doubt that she could be a supermodel.

But Evan was puzzled that she seemed to have no interest in such things. She just liked to be an outdoor anchor, chatting with the men who admired her when she was free and making some pocket money while at it.

Her life was super comfortable. When she had no money, she only needed to flaunt her femininity, and hundreds of rich guys would throw their money at her.

However, Evan was not lucky enough to have such a life. After all, he only had a good figure, but he was not very handsome. He was an ordinary person with regular facial features. If he tried to become an anchor, he wouldn't garner any sort of appeal.

"Why are you staring?Like what you see?"

He had broken up with his girlfriend and he was single at the moment, so he could play the field if he wanted. Besides, if he didn't flirt with the her, it would be a waste.

"What! ?"

Kristine glanced at Evan in a strange way and said in surprise: "Are you on drugs?"


"Why? Can't I just admire?

By the way, you were waiting for me last night, weren't you ?"


She nodded.

"How sweet! You like me, don't you?"

Evan sighed and said in a narcissistic way. But he knew his limitations and never overstepped them.

"Maybe, but only ghosts would have talked to you if, we weren't neighbours."

Kristine shrugged and snorted.

'You are right. Now only ghosts talk to me because I am a Yama, ' he thought.

But he couldn't say this carelessly because there was no point in scaring her.

"Forget it. I will not disturb your streaming. It's lunch time. I haven't had breakfast. So hungry. Gotta go."

Evan murmured and headed downstairs.

After all, Kristine was four or five years younger. It would be okay if he tried to woo her, however, he didn't feel financially ready to go down that road again. He had to wait until he could drive a car worth at least more than half a million dollars.

The Land Rover Aurora downstairs belonged to Kristine and rumour has it that she earned the money to buy it by live streaming.

She seemed very independent.

"Hold on. Don't be in such a rush. I'll do this later. We have been neighbours for half a year now, and you've bummed meals off me several times but never treated me to any."

Kristine ran after him, laughing, and stood behind him.

"Wanna go now?"

Evan answered without turning his head.

"Sure. If it is your treat. But you are like a penny pincher. Are you willing to treat me?"

Kristine couldn't believe that he was in the mood to take her for lunch. After his girlfriend came yesterday afternoon, they had argued loudly. If she was not afraid that he might do something stupid, she wouldn't have waited for him till midnight.

"I'm sure you waited for me till midnight because you were afraid that I would commit suicide after I got dumped. Ha! Don't worry about it. Let's go."

Evan spoke his thoughts. He had gotten over it and realised that a good horse would never turn round to graze in old pasture. It's easy to reach his pinnacle with the system. "C'mon, I'm not that sensitive," he thought.

"Good. I didn't know that you are such a tough cookie."

Kristine packed away the selfie stick and soon after, they went downstairs. Kristine pointed at her car and said,"Let's drive my car. I know the perfect place that has the fucking best food and it's faster to get there using my car. "


Evan agreed without even thinking.

"Are you sure that you are okay?"

While driving, Kristine asked Evan curiously, who was looking out of the window, deep in thought.

"I'm fine. Just drive."

Evan answered, curtly.

"You are such a good sport. Usually, if other men knew that they had such a beautiful young thing living next to them, they would at least have some nasty thoughts, if they didn't clamour after me."

Kristine muttered while driving and glanced at Evan from time to time, trying to deduce any reaction to what she was telling him.

"I know I don't deserve you. And you are not interested in me, either. So why should I flatter myself? I'm tired even if you are not."

Evan made a joke and said,"By the way. How long will it take? I'm starving over here."

"We are here."

Kristine snorted and said,"Don't underestimate yourself. If you want me, tell me straight up. Who knows..."


Evan was stunned. He thought,"Is this girl really interested in me? Holy shit, are you kidding me? I become more attractive after I got the system?"

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