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   Chapter 5 Give Me What You Took From Me

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He didn't say anything else for he knew that it was a waste of time to talk to them. So he addressed the hungry ghost to possess the most vicious and toughest man in the room.

"What's wrong with this guy?"

They didn't notice any difference in the man that was next to them. Instead, they all looked at Evan strangely.

"Oh. Hungry. Eat, eat…"

The guy who was chewing peanuts felt a chill run up his spine. Then he instantaneously became a different person, staring ferociously at the big pile of snacks on the table, his eyes glistening.

He extended his arms and grabbed all the snacks towards him, looking like a deranged person, and started to stuff them into his mouth.

The crunching sound was loud, as he kept stuffing his mouth, without chewing at all and sometimes swallowed the food whole. It seemed as if he hadn't eaten for days.

"Kim, what are you doing?"

One guy next to him noticed something was wrong. He stood up, pointed at him and shouted.

But Kim didn't have time to talk and continued stuffing his mouth, looking as if he could never get enough, which scared the people around him.

"What the hell! Kim, what the fuck are you doing?"

Someone wanted to stop him because the way he was eating was downright disgusting and definitely not ideal for his digestive system. He took two handfuls of peanuts without shelling them and swallowed without spitting out the shells.

It was the same case when he ate the watermelons. He put a whole one into his mouth like he'd never tasted any his lifetime.

It was all too much to witness, and one man felt compelled enough to stop him. He began to grab at the food and at Kim. But Kim, with ease, overpowered him and pushed him to the ground.

"WTF! Are you crazy? Damn! You hurt me!"

The man who fell on the ground stood up, cursing. He tried to move forward and stop him again. By this time, Kim's eyes had become blood-shot, and he kept eating. His mouth was full and his cheeks were extremely puffy.

"Eat, eat…"

Kim paid no attention to the people around him and only kept eating without pause, seeming to wish to finish everything infront of him.

"Something is wrong."

These guys were not stupid and all looked at Evan, who was standing in front of them, under their TV that was hanging from the wall. Especially when they saw he was smoking a cigarette, unfazed by Kim's display. This irritated the shit out of them.

"Boy, what the hell did you do to my brother? It's not too late to let him go. Otherwise, I will beat the shit out of you."

A guy took an ashtray and walked towards Evan with a ferocious expression on his face.

Evan didn't even flinch. Almost lazily, he raised a finger and pointed to the man approaching him and addressed Kim, "Bite him."


Are you kidding me? Bite me? No way. That's my brother!"

The man with an ashtray grinned hideously. Suddenly he heard a cry "Watch out!". He was stunned and then saw a figure coming at him. He responded immediately and stretched his arm, which helped him avoid being bitten on the neck.


He squealed like a pig being butchered. Holding his arm in pain, he swore: "Fuck! What are you doing? It's me, Tiger!"

However, Kim didn't care who he was. He was like the most loyal dog, biting whoever Evan pointed to, without hesitation.

"Yo! Fuck this shit. Let's teach this punk a lesson."

Then they stood their ground and began to crowd Evan.

"Bite them one by one."

A little bit scared, Evan directed Kim without hesitation and pointed at them, one by one.


Roaring like a beast and foaming at the mouth as if he had rabies, Kim attacked the closest one and bit him.



Suddenly, one of the guys moving towards Evan caught his attention, prompting Kim to rush towards him.

Kim looked like a human-shaped bulldog, his tusks dreadfully white and his eyes red, biting whoever he was commanded to.

His savage look scared everyone.

"Thank God—"

Seeing Kim handling the situation, Evan, who was a little afraid, felt relieved.

Kim scared the shit out of them forcing them to huddle up in a corner, like they had seen a ghost.

But Kim didn't stop. He remembered the order Evan had given him, and just like an obedient dog, he proceeded to carry it out.

Shrilling screams rang continuously in the closed quarters.

Before, such situations were usually related to sex, but in that moment, nothing remotely sexual was happening.

Kim, like a fierce dog, chased after several men and bit them, bitting so hard that even blood spurted out.

If an outsider witnessed what was happening, they would have felt pity on the men.

But when Evan witnessed the even

ts unfold, he felt extremely happy. He thought, "You deserve it!"

He had worked hard for two months as an intern, and was finally paid his salary of five thousand yuan. He wished to ease the burden of his family, pay the rent, and leave some living expenses for himself. But he didn't expect that these guys would steal from him.

It was his hard-earned money. He wouldn't feel guilty even if they were all bitten to death.

As the saying goes: "As the call, so the echo." There must be many people who were blackmailed by these group of men, judging from how they freely roamed the streets without fear. Anyway, he was getting rid of these leeches. Evan was sure no-one would miss them.

Kim had complete control of the situation, and when he moved closer to them, they would kick him away without hesitation but didn't dare to kick too hard. As a result, blood and bruises covered their arms and legs, a visually disturbing sight.

It was strange that Kim was not scared of pain or being beaten. He was kicked away again and again, but he never stopped lunging at them.

Evan wasn't about to stop him, so he took a beer and gulped it down.


'To be honest, this kind of beer in clubs or KTVs taste like shit. It tastes like its been mixed with sand- bleugh!' He thought. He had no idea why so many people liked these beers.

"Kim, get the hell away from me. Please, please…"

"Damn it! Are you made of iron?"

"Stop biting my hand. You are tearing my flesh off. Help—"

Shrilling cries sounded endlessly, but Evan pretended that he heard nothing, drinking beers and eating the delicious snacks on the table.

The men were not retarded and they knew Evan must have something do with Kim's abnormal behaviour.

"Boy, Please tell Kim to stop. I am begging you."

"Yeah, please. What do you want? Let's make an arrangement. Ouch—Are you a dog? Go away!"

Kicking Kim away, who was growling at them, the men nearly broke-down. "Please, don't kill us..."


Evan put down the beer bottle and brushed the snack residue from his hands and clothes. Then he turned around, grinned at them, and nodded to Kim, "Come here, good boy!"

Within seconds, Their eyes were wide open in disbelief, they saw Kim walk back to Evan's side obediently and squat beside him. It was like a switch had been flipped suddenly. They watched as Kim raised his head with pride and allowed Evan to ruffle his hair.

They looked at each other in astonishment and thought, 'What the hell?' as if they shared a telepathic connection.

"To put it bluntly, we are not enemies. All I wanted was to grab a drink to occupy myself because I was dumped by my girlfriend today. But some people decided to rob my money. I'm not a generous person and not very rich. What's more, I'm rather petty and revengeful."

Evan murmured, as if talking to himself.

Although it was almost a whisper, all the men heard his words loud and clear.

"He wants money?

Then give him!"

"Brother, it was all our fault. We robbed you of five grand. We still have it. Here. You... you can count."

Knowing that what happened was unusual, they hurriedly handed the money over. Unanimously, one person was elected to hand back the money. As he approached Evan, he glanced at Kim, saw him staring and drooling, and retreated, scared half to death.

Evan counted the money. It was just the right amount.

"I'm petty and don't like to stay up. It's almost three am. I gotta go back and apply a facial mask—"

"You? Apply a facial mask!?

Holy crap—"

The men wished that they could rush over and slap him. However, Kim stayed by his side like a loyal dog, so no-one dared to.

"Listen, we will give you some more money so that you leave. Empty your pockets everyone. "

A man spoke up, encouraging the rest to rummage through their pockets for the extra money to make the mad man leave them in one piece.

"We don't have much money with us. This is it. Do, do you think it's enough?"

They came up with around three thousand and placed it in front of Evan. His eyes lit up and he took the money calmly, whispering, "This was so worth it." Then he stood up slowly and murmured: "I am leaving."

After opening the door, Evan walked off, summoning the hungry ghost to follow him. Evan was pleased with how things had turned out. He had taken his revenge and made some good money as well.

He was in a good mood, but those he left behind were more than shaken up. They were all sweating profusely, Especially when they witnessed Kim had fainting and twitching after Evan left. They looked at each other, terrified. "Did, did we really bump into a ghost?" Their thoughts remained unspoken and unanswered.

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