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   Chapter 4 The Revenge

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"No, you misunderstand. I'm here to look for someone——"

As she dragged him, Evan felt his heart race and his nose numb. He rubbed his nose to make sure it wasn't bleeding.

The woman was sexily dressed. Aside from the strapless skintight dress, she also wore a distinct perfume. The aroma of roses continually flirted with Evan's nose. The woman intentionally touched him every now and then either with her elbow or with her hip. And being a normal adult, Evan was a little turned on.

"Well, We're all here looking for someone. That's how this place works. No one would search for a ghost here, right?" The woman giggled.

She caressed Evan's face while staring at him. Her fair fingers trailed slowly down his neck and grabbed his collar. Smiling seductively, she turned around and moved forward, hand still on his collar and hips wiggling.

Evan had never been through anything like this. Still in shock, he staggered behind her.

Floating quietly behind Evan, the hungry ghost seemed to have no idea what was happening. It followed Evan as he was being dragged away by the woman. It seemed it knew nothing except sticking by Evan.

Though Becky's was not spacious, she spared no money in decorating. From the furnishings to the decorations, everything was luxurious. There were not many people in the sitting room. Most of them were regular visitors here, and they headed directly to certain rooms for the girls they knew as soon as they came in.

Some girls, all sexually appealing, strolled casually on the corridor, waiting for visitors. Curiosity spilled from their almond-shaped eyes when they saw the woman drag Evan in. Their mouths dropped open slightly and then exchanged tacit smiles. With the shimmering neon lights, the looks on their delicate faces seemed innocent yet seductive. Embarrassed, Evan lowered his head and swallowed.

To be honest, Evan had hardly been to any normal nightclub, let alone one that was practically a brothel. Even if he'd wanted to, he couldn't afford it.

The grand corridor was decorated with several paintings, cheap imitations. Under the dazzling light coming from the chandelier, the whole corridor shone like a crystal maze. The glass-like walls and floor reflected vague shadows of customers as they came and went.

As they walked down the corridor, Evan accidentally saw something arousing from the half-open doors. He tried closing his eyes, but the heavy breathing and ambiguous moans harassed his ears instead. Evan felt overwhelmed by the current situation.

"No, listen to me. I'm really looking for someone."

Once again, Evan tried to explain, but the woman didn't pay attention to what he was saying. She was here to have fun. Now that she had found fresh meat, she would not let him slip away.

She flipped her hair and winked at Evan with a flirtatious smile, "Told you that I'm also here looking for someone. Come on. We'll have a really good time and I'll pay you generously."


Evan gasped after he understood what she meant.

Though Evan had hardly any experience, he knew that the woman had mistaken him for a male prostitute.

'Damn it! I'm Evan, the Yama! Show me some respect! Even before this identity, I was a decent man with self-respect. How can I lower myself to a prostitute.' Evan cried out in his mind.

'But how generously can she pay?'

Evan narrowed his eyes and calculated as he followed the woman reluctantly. She pushed him into a small room and closed the door behind her.

"Tell me. Am I pretty?"

Hypnotized by her voice, Evan looked at her and nodded. He could admit that she was quite attractive. She was in her 20s, the golden age for a woman, but there was a mature flavor in her smile and movement.

Her curves were feminine too. Men could hardly turn their eyes away from her boobs.

Evan could smell her perfume as she leaned close to him. She poured two glasses of wine and handed a glass to him, "Let's cross cups."

"But we're not newlyweds."

Never before had a woman flirted with Evan. He blushed immediately. He was at a loss and could only allow the woman to lead him by the nose.

"Are you blushing? Don't be shy! Look at me. Just loosen up and have fun."

The woman grinned and pinched his face. Somehow Evan sensed that she was faking it. From a glimpse, Evan believed that he'd seen sadness and loneliness in her eyes.

True, anyone with a happy domestic life would never try to seek excitement here.

Evan suddenly felt sorry for her. He took the wine and said, "Fine. I'll play with you if you wish."

The woman grinned wider, "Now that's what I'm talking about."

Evan cast the spell and let the hungry ghost take possession of his body. He then ordered it to drink the wine.

Though Evan was still not familiar with the ghost manipulation spell, he would seize every opportunity to practice his skills. Especially tonight when he had business at the Becky's club, he would stay sober.

After a sudden chill on his shoulder, Evan knew the hungry ghost had infused into his body. However, Evan was still in control. He would never give a coward, even a dead one, the opportunity to take over his body.

It would be humiliated if Evan, the Yama, was defeated by a weak ghost like the hungry ghost.

The hungry ghost's job for the moment was to drink the wine and absorb the alcohol for Evan.

"Quite a drunk. I'm impressed. Come on. Keep going. Hahaha!"

She chuckled and poured another glass of wine for Evan and th

en for herself.

Evan accepted gladly. He was not the one drinking the wine. And the wine did taste delicious.

Evan cast a look at the bottle and was surprised. It was a Lafite. 'That is expensive.' Evan muttered. This bottle of wine cost more than he could earn in months. He turned back to the woman and thought of how rich she must be.

The bottle was empty after a few rounds. The woman, apparently a little bit tipsy, noticed that Evan still seemed to be quite sober. Surprised, she ordered two more bottles.

She thought Evan would have been wasted before they finished the wine. But as she was finally reclining limply on the couch, drunk, Evan was still gulping down the wine like it was drinking water.

Evan smacked his lips and enjoyed the rich flavor still lingering in his mouth before placing the empty glass back on the counter. He turned around and what he saw made his jaw drop.

Long legs in silk stockings and a booty wrapped in the skintight dress. The woman really was a sexy bombshell.

Evan suddenly wasn't sure whether he would have lost control and slept with the woman or not if he had drank the wine himself.

They had been chatting while drinking. Evan knew that the woman was not having fun at all. She was a married woman and her husband traveled a lot. She couldn't stand the loneliness anymore and decided to look for some excitement. But Evan believed that she was not as slutty as she tried to pretend. She wasn't bold enough to take the risk and cheat on her husband.

Evan always acted on the principle of taking every advantage if you ever got the chance. But looking at the woman in sound sleep, he hesitated and gave up on the idea.

Evan decided that he must live up to his conscience.

Evan, or more precisely the hungry ghost, had drank almost two bottles of Lafite. The wine alone would cost her a fortune. 'It's worth it.' Evan consoled himself.

"You should feel lucky that you met me tonight."

Staring at the woman for a while, Evan heaved a sigh and left the room. He cast a final reluctant look at the woman before he locked the door.

"You, go find those jerks."

Evan reviewed the spell in mind. He recalled the men who had just conned him out of 5000 and shared their faces with the hungry ghost. Then he leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette, waiting for the hungry ghost to search for the robbers.

Evan seldom smoked. However, he had just given up the chance of sleeping with a hottie. He felt like there was a butterfly fluttering in his stomach and he needed the nicotine to calm himself. He still had time to go back inside and comfort the woman physically before the hungry ghost came back. He stared at the door knob and sighed. 'What's done is done.' Evan thought to himself.

Evan turned his back to the door again and took a hard drag on his cigarette. He wished she would come to her senses and go back home after she woke up. If she kept playing like that, once she lost it, there would be no way back.

"Wanna play, handsome?"

Seeing Evan smoking alone in the corridor, a girl winked at him and offered with a grin.

"I don't have any money."

Evan grinned as well. He held the cigarette between his fingers and answered honestly.

"Piss off!"

The girl glared at him and left.

Girls working in such clubs were all bloodsuckers. They thrived on men falling for their beauty and wouldn't stop until they took away the last penny from their wallets. Evan didn't care. He had someone prettier slumbering in the room behind him. Yet he hadn't wavered because he had something more important to take care of.


Floating next to Evan, the hungry ghost repeated the words dully and pointed at a room not too far from where they stood.

"Have you found them?"

Evan asked excitedly and strode forward.

"I'll take back everything you have taken from me!" Evan swore, gritting his teeth.

Evan had been a coward, too weak to fight back. But things had changed he was no longer the man he used to be.

Stopping by the door, Evan noticed that it was a small room, charged 300 per hour, not including snacks, beverages and special services. It would cost at least thousands if they spent a night there.

And they were spending Evan's money! His months of hard-earned money!

Without hesitating, Evan pushed the door open and locked the door after he entered.

Thinking it was the waiter delivering the wine, no one bothered to look up at the him.The girls had left the room a few minutes before, there were five men strewn all around the couch. Evan immediately recognized them, the men that had robbed him earlier.

"Having a good time?"

Evan sneered and stepped forward to turn off the television. The room fell silent at once. Standing in front of the TV, Evan glanced over at them and asked with a smirk.

'What's wrong? Wasn't that the waiter delivering wine?'

The men were either smoking or drinking. Surprised, they all looked at the man standing in the middle of the small room.

"It's you. What's up, dude? Come to give us more money?"

The man that threw the first punch at Evan recognized him at once. He leaned back and threw peanuts, one after another, into his mouth, munching loudly while staring at Evan with a sneer.

"Hahaha! Right on time! I was wondering how I'd find the money to take some girls home."

Another man crossed his legs and burst into laughter.

It appeared that they still didn't take Evan seriously.

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