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   Chapter 3 Just Stop Moaning

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"Cough, cough--"

Standing behind the hungry ghost, that could easily scare you to death by just a turning of its face, Evan somehow found the courage to utter a dry cough. His legs were trembling, tense: "Hey, I'll introduce myself. I'm Yama's..."

Evan didn't have the chance to finish his sentence. The hungry ghost stopped searching for food, and turned towards him slowly.

Sluggishly, the hungry ghost seemed to be that of an old person who had been a beggar before his death. His clothes were tattered and his eyes were sunken deep into the sockets. He looked like he had been starving for days.

Evan thought ghosts should appear like ghosts. If they couldn't frighten people to death, they should at least scare people away.

Somehow, after Evan saw the miserable hungry ghost before him, his heart trembled a little: Man, how long have you been starving? You're looking at me as if I am roast chicken legs.

It seemed that there was nothing to be afraid of if all ghosts were like this.

Evan wasn't sure, at least they could not scare him out of his senses. All things considered, he could still stand here at ease.

"Uh, hungry, eat."

This ghost was about the same size as Evan, but right now he appeared to be much shorter, and his cold face almost stuck close to Evan's chin.

So icy, so cold!

Evan goosebumps on his skin, and he couldn't help but retreat a few steps.

The ghost didn't seem scary but deep down Evan still found him repulsive.

Even if he was the legendary Yama.

To Evan's dismay, the ghost clung to him. He stuck tightly onto Evan body and Evan couldn't get rid of him.

It terrified Evan. Cold sweat ran from his forehead. What terrified Evan the most was the fear he felt coming from the bottom of his heart. In the TV shows he'd watched--at first these ghosts seemed harmless, but then in the blink of an eye they became horrifying.

If the thing stuck to him tried to pull something like that at this moment, Evan would do something seriously unbecoming.

"Uh, hungry, eat."

The ghost opened his dead eyes, staring straight at Evan as though he was his new discovery.

Having felt Evan's heavy breath again and again, the ghost widened his eyes in excitement. His facial expressions went from dull to somewhat ferocious.

"Uh, hungry, eat. Uh, hungry, eat. Uh--"

Maybe it was the carbon dioxide that Evan exhaled that was a great supplement to him. The ghost spared no time in absorbing it. He seemed eager to suck up the man in front of him.

The ghost became more and more excited. His cold hands grasped at Evan's shoulders, and his ugly and ferocious face was about to touch Evan's already sunken face.

"Uh, all you know is uh. Uh uh uh, can't you say something else? Nothing but uh and oh. Keep doing it. Just keep doing it. Uh uh the hell out of here. Keep doing your uhs. I am King Yama. Make no mistake. The one and only King Yama. And you are still moaning on my face. Just stop it already!"

People behave in two different ways after being frightened or scared.

The first one: One would be at a loss, and let fear strike then silently bear everything until death.

The second: what Evan did, become fearless and fight for your life.

If someone with yin-yang eyes passed by, the person would be able to see a wild young man doing all he could, practicing all the martial arts or playground fighting moves that he had studied his whole life, to stagger a miserable, helpless, silly hungry ghost who could fall into pieces at any moment. (*TN Yin-yang eyes are eyes that can see both the human world and the underworld.)

Evan exerted himself for his own delight. Suddenly he felt his thigh had been clutched by something cold and icy. Looking down, Evan raised his eyebrows. What the hell! He looked terrible!

At first, the hungry ghost was pretty pathetic in Evan's eyes. Now his condition was worse. He had two black eyes and bruises all over his body. Revealed through his already tattered shirt was a huge purple bump on his chest. Apparently the result of a certain young man's dragon palm.

Evan's conscience was troubled. He was distressed. Holding the tottering shoulders of the hungry ghost in both hands, he solemnly and earnestly said, "My friend, who beat you so hard, do you want me to help you make him pay?"

Feeling wronged, the hungry ghost stared at Evan with his dead eyes, trembling, and said with difficulty, "Oh, hungry--"

"Oh, again, you damn gho-oh-st. Still moaning--"

It was fine when the hungry ghost was silent, but now he'd uttered the sound again and stoked Evan's anger. He thought about the fact that this was the first time he'd beat up a ghost. And it was a good, oh no, brutal beating.

But Evan didn't know why every time the hungry ghost talked, he wanted to beat him up.

Now that Evan had dis

hed out a beating, he felt relaxed from head to toe. The sensation was indescribable, just like when he'd fool around with his girlfriend in the college dorm back in the day.

Exciting and pleasant.

"I'm sorry, buddy. It felt great to beat you up. Don't blame me. I have had the worst day of my life, I can't help but take it out on you. Just put up with it.

Looking at the hungry ghost literally fall apart and into the void, Evan deliberated for a moment before deciding to apologize. He offered his apology as sincerely as possible.

Your misfortune is none of my business!

If the hungry ghost could talk, he would probably spit water all over Evan's face. He had just been looking for food in the middle of the night. What had he done wrong in his past life? He had suffered from hunger and starvation when he lived, and he couldn't get fed even after death. Now this guy got to bully him however he wanted. It was hard being human, it now seemed harder to be a ghost.

"Fainted already?"

Evan was still somewhat rattled. He couldn't tell if the hungry ghost before him had been beaten into a coma or just too angry, or maybe both.

At that moment, a feeling suddenly came over Evan. It seemed like that all the ghosts he feared in the past were not actually terrifying. In fact they were a kind of adorable.

At least after he had beaten one up, it couldn't start an argument or spew curse words, let alone call the police. It turned out Evan got to release all of the day's repressed anger.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the elementary mission of capturing one wild ghost. The host shall learn the Ghost Manipulation Spell. Furthermore, the host shall receive a chance to use the Book of Life and Death."

Just as Evan was thinking about waking the poor hungry ghost and actually apologizing, the voices was back in his head and had startled him a little.

"Don't just ring up without notice. It's scary, okay?"

Evan muttered to himself, thinking if the system could appear in front of him like the hungry ghost, he would definitely make sure that it got a taste of all of life's wonders.

"The Ghost Manipulation Spell has been delivered. Host, please accept."

Before Evan could say anything, a dazzling ball of light appeared in front of him. It exploded in an instant, turning into flickering light spots which shot through the center of his forehead and straight into his brain.

It hurts!

He was frowning, hard. Evan threw away the poor hungry ghost and knelt on the ground. In his head was the mysterious explanations of Ghostly Possession and how to use it.

Ghost Manipulation Spell instructions: can be used to manipulate any ghost that has been defeated by the host to do anything as long as it fits the ghost's natural characteristics. The function of this magic is to possess the opponent or to utilize the host's own body to accomplish tasks deemed impossible by regular people. Limitations: can only be used at nights.

Additional information: the host must maintain a certain level of integrity and not violate the moral code. It would be damaging to the world's harmony.

It was two o'clock in the morning somewhere near Becky's nightclub situated at the Northwest of Linhai City's third ring.

A young man dressed quite conservatively was standing outside the glamorous nightclub. His eyes were sharp, bright even in the dark of night.

That man was none other than the newly promoted King Yama, although this King Yama was a little pitiful, he was still the true King Yama: Evan Ye.

"People say that a gentleman's revenge is a dish best served cold, and an imbecile's revenge can't wait the night. I, Evan Ye, is neither a gentleman nor an imbecile. I'm just a regular guy. These people took my hard earned money to have fun here..."

As he spoke to himself, Evan clenched his fists.

Regardless, he was still just a regular person seeking vengeance. If he could stomach it, he certainly would. But now that he had just learned the Ghost Manipulation Spell, he no longer had the need to stomach the anger whatsoever.

Besides, he had a sidekick with him, even though the sidekick was somewhat malnourished and silly.

The sidekick was a ghost, despite not looking very good right now with all the bruises, Evan would absolutely deny that they were by his doing.

He was such a good boss. How could he take his anger out on his underling?

Just as he was standing in front of the nightclub door and thinking about how he should enter, a young woman with heavy makeup lit up at the sight of this hesitant man. She said: "Boy, what are you afraid of? I won't bite. Come in and have some fun with me."


Evan stuttered for a moment. A strong gust of fragrance assaulted his nose. In a split second, he was being dragged into Becky's nightclub.

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