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   Chapter 2 I Rule the Underworld

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"The underworld rebuilding system activated.."

"Successfully detected the host, Evan. Binding now… "The binding identity is Yama."

"Successfully bound."

"Generating the underworld… "Generation completed… Please check."

"Who! ?"

In a daze, Evan struggled to his feet, feeling a little dizzy. He heard the weird sounds and felt depressed.

What happened? Did I black out due to excessive blood loss or am I dreaming?

But he remembered something had hit his head before he blacked out!

"The system is created personally by the greatest natural law. Since the universe was in chaos, there was no underworld. To fix it, the system emerged and now is presented to you."

The impersonal electronic sound rang in his head. Evan did a somersault, "Whoops, my waist…"

Rising from the floor, Evan listened to the voice in his head while holding his sore waist. He was confused.

"The host will be the lifetime governor of the underworld. Please work hard to become a qualified Yama."

How silly are these lines!

"Wait, you are saying I am Yama?"

Evan felt terrible. Am I dead?

"Mom, I can't look after you anymore. Please forgive me. Sister, I can't be with you on the day you get married. Dad, drink less. It's bad for your health." He thought

"The real body of the host is not dead. The host has the power to walk freely between the two worlds. Since you are the first Yama in the history, your responsibility is greater than anyone elses."

The voice of the system rang again, full of pride.

"Are you kidding me? You think I am a three-year-old baby? It is said that there are already ten Yamas."

Evan showed his scorn to the self-dramatizing system.

"They're all legends. There are ghosts in the legend. Have you ever seen a ghost?"

The system asked.

"Well…Not really."

Evan suddenly felt a cool breeze. He shivered and started to look around.

"This is the underworld? WTF! Stop playing with me!"

Evan looked at the world in front of him with astonishment.


How could this be called a "world"?

This place didn't seem to cover ten square meters!

There was a crooked tree that looked like it might fall at any time, and a long noose attached to it.

What made Evan speechless was that he didn't find the Yama Palace that was said to be magnificent.

Is this mud temple with three rotten apples in it in front of me, which is not much bigger than the Temple of the Local God of the Land my future territory? ?

I don't want to be Yama. I want to go home. Mom, the underworld is horrible!

"As the creator, the only host of the new underworld and the newborn Yama, please create the underworld attentively and revive it to its glory. "

Looking at the big golden characters floating in the air, Evan came up with three words: "Nothing really matters."


He refused without thinking.

He was at the turning point of his life.

"I have trouble at work, and I was dumped by my girlfriend.I got mugged by a high-end antique at night. Now I don't have much money and in my future food and clothing remain a problem. I am in no mood to talk to a strange system that is probably just a dream." He thought.

"Since the host does not desire to become a great Yama, the host will be obliterated. The system will select a new host to bind. The obliteration countdown begins: 10…"

"Hold on!"

Evan stopped the countdown hurriedly. Even though he didn't believe much of what was happening, what if it was true?

When he was in college, he'd paid good money on reading novels in which the protagonists all reached the pinnacle of life after they got a system. They would marry beautiful rich girls, became CEOs and gained immeasurable fame.

"Do you want to change your mind?"

The system asked again.

"Yes. I change my mind. But you have to tell me how to develop the underworld."

Evan finally conceded. It would be over if he was obliterated. He was still young, and nobody wanted to die young.

"To develop the underworld, the system will release tasks for different levels. The host will fulfil the tasks and will be given a variety of rewards, such as cultivation, magic arts, weapon, panacea and so on, according

to the degree of completion. If the host fails, he will receive punishments as well."

"In addition, the system will examine and distinguish the degree of completion and the host might be given the power to use the Book of Life and Death."

"The Book possesses the power to grant life and death. It can erase anyone in the world regardless of time and space, and pull his/her soul into the underworld to be your loyal subordinate."

"It can be someone who masters technology, someone who cooks well, a legendary painting master with magic skills…"

Hearing this, Evan felt ecstatic.

Man, I will get rid of bad luck and reach the pinnacle of my life.

Evan finally yielded to the persuasive temptation of the system and made the most important decision: "I'll do it. Who cares!"

"However, How on earth can I expand this place?"

Looking at the place, it was smaller than ten square meters and he felt pressured. He was worried about his palace, which seemed to be made of mud. He was afraid that wind could blow it down.

"The primary task has been released: to establish a strong and prosperous co-existence circle in the underworld, the host needs to catch a wild ghost. The time limit is three days, i.e. 72 hours.

"If the host finishes the task, he will obtain the ghost manipulation spell. Also, the host will get one chance to use the Book of Life and Death."

"If the host fails, he will be obliterated."

"Solemn statement: There are not many chances to use the Book of Life and Death. Please treasure it because it allows you to get whatever you want."


Wild ghost…

When he was still in a trance, darkness fell over his eyes. He stumbled and nearly fell.

What happened?

He looked up and saw the same crossroads. His shadow was long under the dim streetlight.


He reached out to touch his head and found his wound had healed. It wasn't a dream?


A cool breeze blew over. Evan felt cold and tightened his clothes.

"I, I really became Yama?"

Feeling as though everything was surreal, he tapped his head and thought about getting some rest first. However, after a few steps, he stopped subconsciously and stared closely at a garbage can not too far away from him.

What was that?

Under the dim streetlight, a garbage can stood in front of a small restaurant with dark yellow light. A figure was rummaging with its hands in the garbage can, as if looking for something to eat.

"Hungry ghost, suffered from hunger and cold before death and became a ghost because of unappeasable resentment. Quality: inferior."

While he was staring at that figure, an explanatory note showed up in his mind, and scared him.

There, are really ghosts?

He swallowed. Everybody, including Evan, would be afraid of fictitious things like ghosts.

Especially at the moment when everything was dark. If the hungry ghost turned around, he could be scared to death.

What should he do?


Yes, run home first!

Evan was about to run but he suddenly stopped. He tapped his head and said eccentrically: "Hold on. In the folklores, Yama has the power to determine who lives and who dies at any time. I am Yama now! It was shameful for a Yama to be scared of an inferior hungry ghost.

What shall I do then? Should I talk to the ghost about life?

"The primary task is: to establish a strong and prosperous co-existence circle in the underworld, the host needs to catch a wild ghost. The time limit is three days, which is 72 hours."

The voice of the system in his head reminded him again.

"It looks real. Wild ghost. This hungry ghost must be one of them."

Considering that he could die if he failed to fulfill the task, he decided to fight.

Whether it was the fact that he had lost face when he got dumped by his girlfriend, or that he was unsuccessful in his career, or he had been mugged by someone tonight, or he suddenly became Yama, Evan knew that if he didn't fight for it, he would die, but if he did, he might have a chance of survival.

"Whatever. Beautiful rich girls and the pinnacle of life, I am coming!"

Still in a state of intoxication, he mustered up his courage and walked towards the garbage can.

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