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   Chapter 28 Just a Mere Coincidence I Think Not

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The rushing footsteps from the distance muffled the noise that was coming from their clanking metal boots and armor.

"Wh— What's going on?" A soldier voiced out his worries. The screams and cries coming from the distance a few moments ago suddenly disappeared but replacing it was the ominous noise created by that of hurrying figures.

The group of soldiers — imperial troops and city guards alike — which were heading towards the northern district to give their assistance, are suddenly met by a crowd of stampeding civilians that were running towards their direction.

Those were the citizens that managed to "escape", or rather, have been allowed to escape in order to send Zoroa's message.

Adept in intercepting riots and the like, the Imperial Troop's reaction was not that of panic but something that only experts would do. Immediately raising their bulwarks, shields that were taller than themselves, they barricaded the entirety of the road— tanking the flow of people that were forcefully moving through, the blockade halted their tracks.

"Calm yourselves down! Tell us on what is going on within the Northern District!" The vice-commander of the unit, the same unit under the command of Reynard, shouted towards the barricaded people that were seemingly in a frenzied state.

It took over 20 minutes of struggle before the wave of people finally stopped as they came back to their senses.

Truthfully, it was the sense of illusory fear that seemingly chased them back then was what fueled their feet to push forth rather than stopping. It heavily clouded their minds, as they kept pushing against the people that were there to help them instead.

Injuries were sustained by both sides. It was appalling to see what 'fear of dying' could do to peoples minds.


Commander Reynard slowed his pace when he saw the troop returning towards the central district.

The moment he noticed that the screaming and crying dissipated; Instead of feeling relieved, he became extremely anxious instead. It could have been a sign of utter defeat from the enemy attack, something that would've muted the commotion altogether.

Looking towards the direction of the people that were coming back, Reynard sighed in relief seeing that they're complete, although some were injured, all of them were still alive and well.

With them were the civilian survivors...


-Dantalian City- (Intersection between the southern and central district)

Pondering deeply, Jacob decided to stay within the border of the two districts instead of totally fleeing towards the sou

mbled by Lisa.

She was 12 years old — which would mean that they had been together for 2 years — when she formed the group by basically paying them for a job. It was to assassinate one of his older brothers.

It failed back then. They could not do a better job as the ten of them were not on the same page during the mission. They were individual mercenaries back then, but their proficiency had been on an all-time low that they were forced to form a group instead.

The fear that was instilled within their hearts could not be quench even after two years— The moment they failed the mission, they could not forget how wrathful the child in front of them was.

None of them could have suppressed her. She was ruthless. Backed by how powerful and adept she was with ice magic, something that she had been hiding, all they could do was to surrender their loyalty to her.

With Lisa secretly being their leader, they became efficient killing machines and had earned the level of infamy they have now due to her guidance.


Dressing casually, the group of ten people blended in with the other's that were on the busy streets.

Carefully lining up to pass the barriade, they then made their way towards the south.



One of the members of the Dark Blades caught sight of someone he was seemingly familiar with.

Sitting idly on the sidewalk, A boy, who's blankly looking on the ground, seemingly thinking, looked up as he faced the group.

"Eh, Do you need anything, sir?" The boy inquired.

'Wasn't this the boy I dragged back then on the forest?!? Shouldn't he be dead?!' Beads of sweat immediately dripped down his face as he could clearly see the boy, Jacob, was definitely alive.

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