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   Chapter 27 Return of the Rightful Owner of the Manor

The Strongest Merchant By Cobyboy Characters: 7126

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The meager amount of guards overseeing the top of the walls were easily killed in a matter of seconds. Considering that the attack was something that caught them by surprise, it was not shocking for the city guards to immediately be defeated.

Luckily, there were more than enough forces within the area to respond to the fallen guard's call.

Fifty vampires against hundreds of soldiers assigned on the northern district alone would have been a disadvantageous fight; something that would easily favor the side of the humans. The problem lies with the lone vampire leading the charge— Bloodlord Zoroa.

The sharp tip of his pointed nail flicked the drop of blood that got stuck between his fingers— The droplet stopped mid-air as it swirled into a needle-like object. Within the next moment, more of the beheaded man's blood rose from the ground and reformed with a similar shape.

In a blink of an eye, Zoroa's figure disappeared from where he decapitated the man, reemerging back to the top of the walls where the other vampires are waiting patiently for his next order.

With a graceful movement of his hand, Zoroa controlled the fleeting number of blood pins—

The cloud of blood needles flew higher with his command. A single pin floated atop every person present within the entire area of the northern district.

Overlooking from above the walls, Zoroa spoke up;

"Move, and you shall be killed… I'll lend you mercy that you might not even deserve. But truly, you lot are not my enemy."

Most of the civilians were obedient enough that they did not move a single inch from where they were.

Nearly all of them just sat, bowed, and kowtowed helplessly.

Their knees were trembling all this time but all they could do is obey, or else… It seems that the mercy lent for them would easily end the moment they move; all is finished when the needle above them drops.

Albeit— Some of the people who could not hold on to their last bit of sanity, ran the moment Zoroa told them not to instead.

Those that did... immediately died the moment the needles pierced their chest. Although it was basically just a speck

rely 50, vampires to overwhelms an entire city with their strength alone.

Forty years ago, over thousands of them weren't even able to dent the joint forces of the werewolves and humans. But it seems that they toppled over a few hundreds of these humans with a meager amount of effort. It was all thanks to the herb — Red Grass — sent by the Apothecary to aid the "sick" within their "poor" village of Bethizel.

It was a leafy herb used to aid people with blood deficiency within their system. But for the vampires, this was something akin to strengthening pills— a drug that added extra 'fuel' to their strength and vitality.

Sadly, both guilds believed that it was something necessary, urgent even, to send these out the village unknowingly. One could not help but think that it was important as they were plagued not too long ago. In short, it was normal to help.

But it seems like being too kind backfired really hard on the human's side this time around.

"Arise petty humans. I'll spare your lives in exchange for a simple request, " Zoroa spoke up in a heavy tone that immediate instilled fear within the hearts of the bowing humans, he continued, "Go and flee… Away from here, and bring your leaders with you. If they do not comply, then escape by yourselves… And let them come to me instead."

"Tell them this. I, Bloodlord Zoroa, and the Vampire race!

...Is the rightful owner of this city."

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