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   Chapter 26 A Race That Misses Their True Home

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'What is this kid even talking about?' Commander Reynard muttered after hearing Jacob say that he would be offering his "help".

It indeed sounded brave, yet it does not make sense considering he's just a child. In fact. according to his own suggestion, he himself should be included within the group of people that were to flee south.

Reynard would've dismissed the thought as some sort of childish prank when he noticed the gleaming sense of determination in Jacob's eyes—

Backed with how eerie it looked with its purple glow, Reynard could not deny that this child was serious on what he just said.

Besides the fiery conviction— He could not help but notice that the disabled kid he met a few days ago— Now has an arm.

The commotion grew even louder after Jacob made the proposal of letting the women and children pass and seek refuge on the southern district.

"Yeah! At least let my wife get through, she's pregnant. I don't want anything bad to happen to her and our soon-to-be child!" A man yelled as she assisted her wife, giving her an adequate amount of space within the crowded street.

"Let my grandma stay in the southern district! It wouldn't be that much of a problem, we have relatives there." Another man assisting an elderly added.

"Please sir, at least let my children through. Help them seek refuge on the south for the meantime. It seems that it's best for them to be there for now." Amazingly, a woman spoke up; only her three children to be safe during this crisis, forgetting that she could also seek for safety.

The flurry of requests following the idea of helping those that are in need to stay safe; and those that are capable of defending themselves to stay, resounded throughout the streets of the central district.

Jacob's suggestion sounded way too logical for the guards to just simple refute. The soldiers were left dumbfounded as they could not reply immediately; all they could say is that "It was a direct order, we could do nothing about it" —

A highly invalid argument considering the situation, but it was all they have.

Noticing that the perimeter would break and adjourn anytime soon due to the people's pressure; Reynard approached Jacob—

"Kid, it's good to see that you're doing better…It only had been like what, a week? You seem… well."

"Ah, it's you, Sir." Jacob smiled as he noticed the familiar figure that was walking towards him. "Well, I have been doing great lately this week. It seems that your charity of 2 silver coins back then helped me a lot. As you can see." Glancing towards his "brand-new arm", Jacob then bowed deeply, "It would not have been possible without your help. Thank you."

It was definitely the

s shining towards the entirety of the place, yet it seems that it not hinder these intruders in any way.

Pale skin, sharp fangs… and dainty flowing hair. An easily recognizable race: Vampires.

Old folklores would often mention that Vampires do not expose their white skins to the rays of the sun as it would burn them alive—

It did not seem like it was the case here. People could clearly see that they are not affected in any way.

"Humans, today… We will reclaim what is rightfully ours… Our true home, for my people.

In my name I shall vow, I am Bloodlord Zoroa! And you scums shall pay with your blood today…"


It would have been a fearful delivery of such an ominous line…

If only it were dark and the sound of chirping birds wasn't any louder than that of Zoroa's speech, people would've have been screaming by now.

"Hmph, it seems that as always, you filthy creatures don't know your place…"

In an instant, Zoroa's figure disappeared as a reappeared in front of a human onlooker… He whispered to the man's ear "It seems that I have to make an example then."

Within one swift motion of his pristine nails that served as sharp claws, the man's head flung off, as it rolled down the ground.


The silence was still there, but it was for a different reason.

A woman, who could not hold the fear inching through her body, let out a loud scream.

A few more followed as the entirety of the district echoed wailing cries.

"Ah… This sweet melodic sound… I've missed this..."

Looking towards the horizon, Bloodlord Zoroa could clearly see the city governor's mansion. Although for him and the group of vampires, it was never anybody's mansion— It was the Caesar Mansion, their home back then.

"And so is that… Do not worry my people, we're home."

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