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   Chapter 25 Within a Snap, a Sudden Change of Heart

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Unsure of what was happening, Jacob rushed forth outside the inn.

What he saw were people flocking the street, gazing towards the distance. Although they could not see anything, noises were coming from the distance to where they could feel the eerie atmosphere—

Those were screams of terror coming from the northern district of the Dantalian City. These eerie noises would send shivers to anyone who could them. But—

Something like this should have been impossible.

The distance between the central district and the walls of the northern district stretch enormous distance, spanning tens of kilometers. A mere scream couldn't possibly be heard from one end to another… Unless they're more than one.

A few moments later, A few hundred soldiers started marching within the central district. The sound of their stomps and the clanking of their armors muffled the screams, giving a false sense of comfort for the civilians.

They, the soldiers, were immediately deployed by the city lord the moment the commotion arose.

Imperial troops dominated the number of the people deployed. Only a few city guards were allowed to respond.

Considering that the situation had an unknown degree of danger, the governor decided that it was best to only send the elites.

The main road is the avenue parallel to the one nearest to where Jacob was staying. It was the shortest path possible for them to reach the northern district.

Still confused as to what was going on, Jacob could only guess. "Is it an enemy attack perhaps?"

Pondering on it more carefully— An enemy attack would be something that's unlikely to happen, just for two reasons;

One— The sun was still high up, it was barely noon. No clouds could be seen anywhere within the clear blue skies. In short, it is the worst time possible to be mounting an attack or an invasion. It would be utterly foolish to do so.

The second is— Considering the location of Dantalian Kingdom, they would never be attacked by any enemy kingdoms as the distance between th

be helping the enemy reduce the chances of anyone to survive.

Jacob slightly gnashed his teeth in disappointment, 'This is extremely…stupid', But it seems that it was not only him that thinks the same. From a distance, he could hear a few guards arguing with each other about demobilizing the perimeter.

"I am sorry Sir Reynard, but this is a direct order from the city lord himself. We could not do so otherwise."

"What's with that bullcrap! Are you not allowed to think for yourselves now? This is not the time to be blocking these people, at least we should allow them to seek refuge on the southern district." Reynard yelled at the city guard leading the formation.

Although Commander Reynard is one of the higher ranking imperial officers deployed within the city, the chain of command is not on his favor. The word of the governor still holds more weight than his. He could not repudiate an order that easily.

"... Could you at least allow passage for the women and children?"

Surprisingly, it was not Reynard that voiced out this suggestion, it was Jacob.

Turning his back, Reynard saw the familiar face… Although it looked different from what he remembered back then— a lot different.

Jacob then added, "Even if at least that, it would be better for these people to be safe just in case... Then, I'll do my best to help."

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