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   Chapter 24 An Ominous Atmosphere Arrives

The Strongest Merchant By Cobyboy Characters: 6497

Updated: 2018-08-09 23:24

The atmosphere was chokingly heavy for something that happened so… anticlimactically.

No one could hear any more mocking sounds, not a single laugh, from the people around Jacob. The gang confusingly— helplessly looked at the tragic situation their leader got into… a voice muttered from the bunch, "Is he… dead?"

The loud thud coming from a two-meter tall demihuman who suddenly fell without anyone noticing how, shocked everyone.

No one besides those from the Lycan gang clearly witnessed what happened, all they could see right now was the gigantic figure laying flat on the dusty ground.

Jacob heard the quiet mutter, as it was clear and loud enough due to everyone being dead silent, "He's not. He is just...uhm, sleeping."

"If there isn't anything else, I'll be going." Jacob immediately headed away from the commotion. It was nothing but trouble if he remained any longer. Might as well just leave everything to chance and not think about what just happened too much.

'Although it seems that they were part of a company under the Merchant's Guild? Hound Company was it? I'll keep that in mind…'


5 minutes had gone by as the eyes of the unconscious Lycan-leader, Troy, twitched.

"Wh- what happened?" He was utterly confused, the last thing he remembered was mockingly grabbing the human child's wooden sword. Surely; He was attacked, one way or another, for him to be knocked unconscious. He hurriedly inspected himself, but to no avail, he could not find or feel any injury— not a tinge of pain could be felt anywhere.

"Boss! You're awake! Are you okay?" Although they look like a bunch of thugs; this gang of humans and demihumans, within the group— the Hound Company, showed real concern with regards to their boss' condition. It was evident in their genuinely worried expression.

"Ah… I am fine, where are we anyway? And… Could anyone clarify to me about what just happened? I could barely remember a t

ld on the open market, but something caught his eye.

A similar looking shortsword from what he purchased from the Blacksmith shop back then showed up.

It was identical, yet it was less intricate than that of what he owns. The details were a bit different. The price of it was 8 Silver coins, and from what Jacob could see, they were no different from the effects— The weapon from the shop also mysteriously does nothing, besides the similar description, minus the detail of the crafter.

'It's a bit more expensive than my estimates, but… It really does not have any effect huh?'

Thinking about it more, Jacob could only guess that it would obviously be more expensive just by the fact that it could be altered through [Customize]. 'Could that be it?... Ah, I could only try? Should I purchase it then? — '... 'Huh?'

Before Jacob could even try and purchase the shortsword and continue browsing the shop… He could feel an ominous aura that is coming from a distance.

He was unsure if it was directed to him… But was sure that he isn't imagining it. Immediately closing the shop, he opened the windows searching if anyone could feel the same eerie atmosphere.

It seems that it wasn't just him— A loud commotion was occurring from the northern gates.

'What is going on?...'

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