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   Chapter 23 Special Merchant's Registration Form

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The question resounded clearly. Calmly delivered without a hint of hostility within its tone. Yet the faces of those that were questioned weren't the look of someone that would be answering any sooner. They kept silent, inspecting Jacob from head to toe.

His face and expression went blank as he calmly observed the surroundings, although he was confused— admittedly a bit scared, even. Jacob tried his best to keep his cool during the unprecedented situation.

Besides from the sudden appearance of these people trying to corner him, for some inexplicable reason, the market also became awry and quiet.

Most of the small businesses that have noticed these people's presence; carefully backed themselves down. Folding their merchandise display or even completely closing down the store, they did not dare stay open for today nor would they want to witness the troublesome thing that is about to happen within the open market.

Even the buyers themselves did not seem to be ignorant of what is happening. Even though most of them were just basically avoiding crossing paths with this group by going to another part of the open market, some were seemingly scared enough to just completely abandon the idea of shopping for today and just left the vicinity.

Fakely coughing to break the eerie silence, Jacob repeated his question, "Is there a problem? What do you guys want?"

The bizarre stare of what seems to be the group's leader halted after examining Jacob's stature. He spoke with a heavy tone, "You have something we want; the special merchant registration form. Hand it over." He raised his hand as he opened his palm, signaling Jacob to surrender the aforementioned form.

Confused, Jacob could only mutter a question back, "You want what now? I'm sorry… I did not hear you the first time." For some reason, his query sounded like that of a sarcastic remark, although he did not mean to. Truly, Jacob had no idea what the leader just asked.

"The papers handed over to you by the lady in the Merchant's Guild, give it to me!" The leader retorted in a loud voice, on the verge of shouting. It sounded that of a wild animals roar.

Coming from someone that is physically huge, that line alone would leave a puny human pissing himself in fear.

True enough,

on't back then to the chief guard, plus the fact that he's registered at any of the formal establishments within the city. He has no clear backing if he ever gets himself in a sticky situation.

That was why he uttered such stupid-sounding proposal, it was all he got to avoid trouble.

"Are you trying to make a fool out of me? Troy, the great boss of the Hounds Company? Truly you kid, human child. Just hand it over and nobody needs to get hurt." the Lycan-leader, who seems to be named "Troy", replied.

"Obviously, I am not… trust me. I don't want any trouble as much as you. But this isn't something that I'd easily hand out to you. I don't even know why you're trying to get this in the first place. So please, let me go, or else…" In truth, Jacob was getting kind of annoyed with this. It was still early yet he had bumped into something so troublesome.

"Or else what?"

"I'll hit you with this!" Drawing the training sword in its full glory, Troy and his gang members chuckled… Before bursting into complete laughter. A really boisterous one.

"A stick? Kid, I did not know you're a professional comedian more than a blooming merchant yourself. Here, I'll help you by stabbing myself with that—" Troy could not help but joke around, now that it seems like the human child does not know what he's doing himself.

Touching the stick… The gigantic figure of the Lycan-leader fell face flat on the ground with a loud thud.

Jacob casually avoided the fall, as he picked the training sword back up.

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