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   Chapter 22 Wandering and Wondering What to Sell Next

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It was the usual sunny day in the vassal city of the Grand Empire.

Within the streets of Dantalian City was the figure of Jacob calmly walking with the crowd of people. Going with the flow of as they were heading towards the central market.

Jacob had been thinking about preparing for another long journey ahead of him— A journey back to the Creia City, right after he gathers the necessary information he needed.

Having a few cash to spare, he decided to buy the practical things in a normal store rather than on the systems. Besides from the self-refilling water jar that he had ought to buy, Jacob could not think of anything else that he needed for now.

The entire place was as bustling and busy as usual.

Randomly scouring through the market, he could not think of anything to buy:

"Do I need more clothes?... I doubt that I do, "

"Uhm preserved food perhaps?... Ah, what am I thinking, I could eat something fresh from the system's shop instead... hmmm, "

"Purchasing more weapon isn't something useful for me either... wait, more weapon huh."

Besides the Blacksmith shop and the Crafters guild that sells specialized weapons and equipment; There were also a few that are available in the open market. Standard weapons for basic use and other minuscule purposes were sold here.

These weapons aren't necessarily well-crafted. They are manufactured hastily as to catch up to market demands. So they aren't really the best in terms of quality, only that they are on par with what is required for a commoners use.

Thinking back as so how fast the marketability of his bread was back then, Jacob could not help but feel excited when this idea suddenly popped up on his head, 'How about selling these standard weapons instead? I don't necessarily need a city permit to do so... Besides, I could be registered as a proper merchant if I just take the test."

He just needs to gauge the proper price he has to set it to.

Looking at the glass display

nder why this was sold so cheaply, to begin with...'

This wasn't the first time Jacob bought something that was so cheap for its true value... 'I guess it's not just within the system's shop then, it could even happen in real life.'

It could have an underlying effect or other mysterious imbuements, but as for any that— He could only do so when he's alone and using the system's help. He could clearly see the weapon name and its short description from a glance, which he was pretty sure he's the only one that could see.

But as for those gigantic parchments that would appear during the use of the System, he was still unsure if it couldn't be seen by other completely. He wouldn't dare test it out though. The fact that this is something unknown to even himself was a clear sign enough that it wasn't meant to be displayed so openly.

"Is one weapon enough? I guess I'll try looking for more to see how much the other variants are sold—" Jacob was muttering to himself when a group of people blatantly blocked his path.

There isn't obviously some sort of market traffic that the flow would suddenly just be disrupted... The path was way too wide for them to just halt and bar his path. Looking up and seeing that this was something intentional, Jacob inquired.

"And what do you people need from me?"

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