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   Chapter 21 Chronicles of the Vampire Clan's Fall

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-The southern area of the Grand Empire- (Between the present Dantalian and the Caesar Forest)

40 years ago...

The current brick roads that were interconnecting the cities and kingdoms within the Grand Empire did not exist.

Although the Empire could not be considered to be in its infancy during this time, it had only conquered the upper part of the continent— Far from the juggernaut that it is now.

Within the empty plains, north of the Caesar Forest stood a lone castle atop a stump hill.

The elevation of the mountainous dune did not tower that much within the plains, but the height of the castle itself rose above everything else in sight. It was a grandiose place that exudes elegance, even under the darkness of the night sky.

A man walked towards on the castles balcony, as he stared at the radiant moonlight. His dignified and fair complexion shone from the glimmering brightness of the night lights.

His chiselled face and sparkling eyes would clearly speak of this man's attractiveness, he's the very definition of beauty. Although tonight, his expression did not reflect that of delight. Instead, it gave off the feeling of extreme sadness and despair; it was as if all hope was lost.

Tears fell off his beautiful face, rolling down his cheeks, as he gloomily muttered, "It did not have to end like this…"

The scenic image of the full moon might have brought the peaceful vibe to anyone who sees it, but not this man— not to this Vampire Lord of all people, would be happy to witness such tragic sign.

The castle itself was eerily quiet. It was as if no ones residing besides this man — Bloodlord Zoroa — and the few sentient gargoyles situated atop the peaks. His bright eyes shone as he gazed towards the distant plain. There, one could see the truth behind this Vampire lords misery.

"No!... I could not just let this happen!" His wings emerged as Zoroa flew out the balcony, but… He could simply not get out.

Surrounding the entirety of the place was a magic barrier, something that had been invoked by magic casters, human mages, to keep the Lord of Vampires in check.

Floating atop the castle's peak were 4 mages wearing blue coats, they were the ones responsible for enchanting the magic that maintained the strength of the barrier.

"Damnable humans! Why did you sell yourself to those petty beasts

Lord of the clan, and he could not help but blame himself for everything that has happened... Yet, truly, it was never his fault.

"My lord, you're here! We could finally win this battle..." The remaining vampires celebrated, but within their hearts, they knew that it was a farfetched dream.

Seeing Zoroa in such a bad condition meant that he's nothing more than another one of these Werewolves ragdolls, ready to be played around the moment he tries to retaliate.

Zoroa's eyes glance towards the people that were looking up to him, someone that was a symbol of hope... "... I apologize for I am weak, but in time... I will apologize by regaining what is rightfully ours."

What he muttered were the last words of the Caesar's Vampire Lord.

Every drop of blood in the rain started converging towards the area where the vampires were located. It formed a gigantic sphere that covered them, blocking any vision from the outside.

"They're trying to escape! Attack them!" the commander among the humans yelled, In an instant, the alliance charged forth towards the ball of blood...

The sphere sizzled as the heat started rising from the within, every drop that flew towards the humans and werewolves were blistering.

The blood sphere heated up more and more as it started evaporating into a thick mist, covering the entire area with red fog... The alliance scoured left and right as to search where the vampires hid.

But none of them could see anything...

It was the last day as to when the clan of Vampires was last seen...

...Up until now.

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