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   Chapter 20 Was Luck Truly on My Side All Along

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The noise of crows and crickets was what resounded throughout the dark outskirts.

Although the darkness did envelop the surroundings, one could clearly see the clear path and radiant grass under the night sky because of the bright glow from the full moon.

It was the total opposite of what was here a few hours ago. Clearly, the grass wasn't vibrant enough on their own; it had been stomped upon quite a few times if one would observe it closer.

The uneven footing of the ground would easily tell the situation this place was in for more than a month.

Thousands of rampaging gigantic insects would surely damage anything and everything on their path, the ground included, if it had happened quite a few more times than one.

But as for tonight. Everything was serene.

Jacob sat quietly, blankly gazing towards the horizon, as he sighed in relief. It had been a tiring day.

The eerie feeling he had a few moments ago dissipated into thin air as if it had never existed in the first place.

'Was I just imagining things?' He wasn't sure if it was just his mind playing games with him, but his instinct clearly told him that something, or someone, was definitely aiming killing intent towards him; right after he used the power of the System's Hack…

'...Does it have to do with that?' He wondered. Surely, he made sure that none could have been within the vicinity during the hack. This place was deserted, aside from the three people that were being chased back then. No one else was here.

Pondering for too long on something that he could never answer would be just a waste of time. Now that everything seems fine, he ought to just move on and proceed to what he had initially planned.


[Gold Coins: 6].[Silver Coins: 850].[Copper Coins: 75]

The hoard approximately yielded over 5 silver coins each, roughly garnering him over 6 gold coins.

Besides the "delivery fee" intended for transporting the herb, Jacob would have enough money to be treated a bit more seriously within the city.

Aside from gathering information regarding the group of mercenaries that ambushed them back then, he was planning to strengthen himself even further; just to make sure he could handle any unpredictable situation thrown at him.

As fo

that the mercenaries or assassins back then were more on the "killing important people" business rather than getting rid of pesky beasts or those people that are labeled as parasites to the society— which seemed to be something that the Mercenary guild is revolving around, to make their work sound a little more pleasing.

After preparing himself, Jacob first made his way to the Merchants Guild; He decided to prioritize the report regarding the completion of the request and get the remaining payment of a gold coin— it would be a waste not to in the first place.

Entering the building, the shocked expressions of the receptionist duo — Borg and Jed — was what greeted the blank and unwavering face of Jacob.

"What's wrong with you guys? Do I have something on my face?" Jacob inquired, "You're alive?!" Borg could not help but exclaim, "And why would I not be?" Confused, Jacob replied with a question.

"Ah... Don't mind him. and you're here for the remaining payment right? Our boss isn't here, but she left us this." Tossing the coin, Jed added, "She also asked us to remind you regarding your registration."

"It's fine, it had only been two days so far, I doubt that I need to be in such a hurry, " Jacob replied as he immediately bid his farewell.


"He looks a lot different from what I remembered..." Jed silently muttered, "I can't pinpoint which is though."

"True, He's wearing blue instead of his usual white robe back then..." Borg replied

"Ah... That might be it."

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