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   Chapter 19 Worn-Out Journal of a Crazy Necromancer

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The outskirts of Bethizel, and even the town itself; had become quite peaceful and serene. The beautiful dim-light of the setting sun matched the quiet atmosphere surrounding the area. It was a place that gave off a calming feeling.

Even a random passerby would never believe that this place had been desolate for almost a month now. Although the place still felt somehow deserted, it would only be a matter of time before it would regain its liveliness.

Treading the dirt road that leads toward the town, the group of three adventurers was calmly walking. It was an amazing scene to see them hiking at a very normal pace.

The difference was like day and night when comparing on how they're walking now and to how they hurriedly left back then.

"Surely he isn't someone normal, right? He could not possibly be a human..." Marcus randomly muttered as he made a comment regarding what they saw back then.

It was something they themselves could not believe, and nor would anyone. "... I don't even know someone, personally, that could invoke such spell… It was way too destructive."

"True… I do think that it was not normal, nor is he human. But, why do I feel that he is as lost and confused as we are back then." Marie replied as she tried interpreting the situation herself.

"Could it have been something like a "fluke" or a "lucky" feat?"

"I doubt that would be the case… I have met and known quite a few Fire Mages myself. One thing that they have in common is that they have confidence, often times a bit too much, when it comes to the potency of their spells. Besides, I have never seen someone rely on something as random as firing a lucky shot, even more so in a tight situation such as facing an army of rabid insects..." Jasper inserted his insights.

"Anyways, why are we even pondering about 'what' he really is? Instead, we should know one thing… Who that boy really is." Jasper added, "Besides the time back then when we saw him on the guild, I have never really seen him anywhere else, " Marcus replied. As a group that had been staying in Dantalian for almost a year, surely they would know each

I guess we have no choice but to feast upon them if we want to regain our strength to fight back against that damnable necromancer..." the chief, who mysteriously looked younger after intaking the herb, sighed as he instructed to the "townsfolk".

"Prepare yourselves, my faithful people. Today... We shall stay in silence no more! We, the Vampire clan, shall rightfully claim what is ours! I, Bloodlord Zoroa, will stake my name on it."


Within a dark room in an ominous looking brick castle... A rift suddenly appeared, tearing the void; within it appeared the cloaked stranger muttering angrily.

"I should not have wasted time and effort just to harvest those vampires... Damn it!"

"If only I had enough strength at that moment... I wouldn't even hesitate in killing him at that very instant."

Running towards the desk that was situated closest to the balcony, the stranger hurriedly opened one of its compartments, retrieving a worn-out journal. The texts within its pages were hardly readable, barely visible even.

The lamp situated atop the table did not provide sufficient lighting as the man hurried his way outside, illuminating the notes with the brightness of the moonlight.

Within the parchment reads the context:

~Research on acquiring immortality~ and ~Searching for a god-slaying spell~

Flipping through the pages, the eerie smile of the strange necromancer grew brighter.

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