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   Chapter 18 A Killing Intent from Within the Void

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Intense heat emanated throughout the entire surroundings, The ground blackened from the excessive gushing of fire.

The flames swallowed the hoard of insects, whole, as their thick shells were toasted into a crisp. The smell of burnt bugs was what permeated in the entire area, as it was then replaced by the prevailing charred smell.

It had been merely five seconds right after Jacob invoked and unleashed the devastating spell. A really short amount of time considering the damage it was doing.

If it weren't for the shock, Jacob would've immediately stopped the moment the spell took effect. It was something that was "too extreme"...

But it seems that 5 seconds was all it takes for the entirety of the colony to be incinerated.

Gripping tightly... Jacob slowly opened his hands as smoke rises from it.

"... What was that?" He exclaimed.

The shock was apparent in his expression as he repeatedly glanced at his palm and to the scorched ground; covered with the corpses of burnt bugs. The unclear gauge on how strong a spell is; was something that left him in wonder.

All the System provided was it being 'Lvl 0', as it matches that of the Class Level, and that it was under the category of "basic spells" — meaning that it does not need complicated enchantments for it to be invoked, nor does it have any high requirement(s) for it to be used.

'How was that possible...', Jacob inwardly muttered.

He thought at first, is that the worst thing that could have possibly happen would be him not being able to use the spell, or at the least, unleashing something that lacks the sufficient firepower—

But as to be something that was the complete opposite… He was baffled.

'Is it the arms doing?' Realizing that the palm he used was of the right arm, which was basically the [Half-step Cronus]; Jacob could not help but think that it has something to do with it.

"..." Before he could even try and check the arm's status, Jacob could not help but feel odd stares directed towards him, 'Right, where are those people back then when I arrived?... wait, sh... Did I toast them too?'

It might have been because he was too focused on the task at hand, but it totally went past his mind that there w

it's not like I even knew what was gonna happen... Still, I should tinker with this class, spell, and arm a little bit more when I have the time. But as for now...' Hoping atop one of the dead Hog Beetle, Jacob muttered the word—


Within a few minutes time, the heaps of dead insects disappeared as they slowly converted into sacks of copper and piles of silver. The amount yielded differed from the size of the carcass, or as to what remained of the supposedly "powerful" and "savage" pest.

"... Who's there?" Oddly enough, even though Jacob was sure that the trio was gone, he could still feel some eerie glances towards him.

This time, he could feel a stronger intent. Something that wants him "dead", even.


There was no reply... Nothing. "Feigning" ignorance, Jacob calmly collected everything within the System as he converted them all into its currency.

Keenly observing everything within the surrounding, he could clearly tell that someone was indeed looking at him with an ominous gaze.


Within the void was the cloaked stranger...

Gazing at the image of Jacob projected in front of him;

He was seething in rage and fury, as he angrily muttered.

"You dared step back into the mortal realm you damnable god! This time... I will exact my revenge... You— you even have the guts to show yourself in front of me again, I'll get you this time...

I'll stake every ounce of life that I have in order to slay you out of existence!"

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