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   Chapter 17 A Stranger Versus the Hoard of Bugs

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Updated: 2018-07-19 18:22

"Come on now… It's just futile to run." The mysterious man mocked as he instructed the colony to chase.

The swarm of seemingly mutated Hog Beetles— led by the cloaked stranger, immediately tailed the escaping trio.

The fervent look of these insects was enough to signal danger towards the experienced group of adventurers. In an instant—

They obviously knew it was an unwinnable battle. A situation impossible for them to handle on their own.

It was a scene that entailed horror— Thousands of cow-sized rabid insects running down three human beings…

It wouldn't take long before these mutated creatures could keep up with them, and even if they could not do so, neither they could run forever.

"Damn it— Argh! I can't run any further like this… Just go on without me." yelled Jasper.

His leg muscle was extensively twitching. It was spasming hard from all the legwork he did during the previous battle.

"Tsk tsk, What's with that dramatic line… Come on now Jasp, you're not Marie to be saying something like that!" Marcus retorted, Instead of leaving him behind; Marcus threw his ax towards the chasing colony and left it behind, as he carried Jasper instead.

"Wh— What was that for!" Jasper was shocked at what Marcus did. Marcus calmly replied.

"Eh? What? Do you think a mere ax was something worth carrying to safety instead of my comrade? Don't make me laugh."

In truth, Jasper knew that the ax wasn't something ordinary for his teammate, Marcus.

It had been his go-to weapon ever since the first day they started as a group.

Jasper was in awe of what Marcus sacrificed for him. Although Marcus' expression did not show any regret, he knew for himself that it was something not to be taken lightly…

"Thank you…"

"Wait… Are you crying?" Marcus, who's by now is sweating profusely from all the running, took a glance at Jasper who thanked him.

"No... It's just sweat, " he replied.

Amazingly enough, ahead of them was the speeding figure of Marie. She's surprising faster than they have expected her to be.

"Hah! So much for 'Were not backing down'. Haha" Marcus mocked.

"Psh, save your breath. No time for jokes. Let's just get out of here." Marie replied.


"Eh?" Marie, who is a bit ahead than the other two, noticed an approaching figure running opposite their direction. Speeding non-stop.

"There is someone heading over here?" Marie voiced out her wonder. 'Is he blind or some

clearly overwhelming each of these bugs with a single strike! That's not something a novice could simply do!"

"...He could have." the other two replied as they continued observing the overwhelming display of this other mysterious person.


'It's taking too long huh...' Jacob grew a bit tired in just avoiding and stunning down the bugs, The rocky terrain simply provided him the necessary leeway to not get swarmed easily. If it was not for it, surely he could not last this long against a thousand of these beasts.

Falling back towards the frontlines, to where a huge chunk of the colony was already knocked down unconscious, Jacob braced himself.

He may not have tested it back then, but he was sure he could pull it off just in time for him to be needing "it".

Besides the training blade and the shortsword, which he did not dare use against this overly thick carapace of the insects, Jacob has one more trick up his sleeves.

'I doubt it would be anything stronger than a small burn... considering it's still Lvl 0. But what am I gonna lose if I don't even try?'

Concentrating, Jacob exhaled cold air as his palm pointed towards the group of rushing bugs.

'...Crimson Flames'


Rather than releasing a small ember of fire— the Lvl 0 spell invoked a loud and humongous explosion instead!

Flames gushed from Jacob's palm as it continuously burned towards the direction of the Hog Beetles. Devouring each one of them, burning their bodies into a crisp.

'What the... Is this really a basic spell?!'

Panicking, Jacob immediately gripped his hand, stopping the flow of hellish fire...

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