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   Chapter 16 A Mysterious Stranger Among a Colony

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-Outside the Town of Bethizel- (Outskirts of the Dantalian City)

The ground shook from the thousand hooves of the Hog Beetles. Atop a hill, overseeing the chaotic situation—

A dark figure cloaked in ominous aura sneered. "I am having way too much fun these days—

Might as well finish what I've started."

His eerily long finger pointed towards what remained of the town of Bethizel, as the colony of Hog Beetles charged forth by his command.

"Harvest me the blood of these petty creatures... Go forth, my beautiful children!"

The dark figure vanished into thin air, as the stampeding group of Hog Beetles made their way towards the town of Bethizel.


-The northern area of Bethizel- (Facing the outskirts of the town)

Clouds of dust blew from the horizon as the ground started trembling heavily— harmonizing with it were their beating hearts drubbing heavily in both horror and dismay...

"This… Isn't this a bit too much for just the three of us to handle?", suggested the pale man while glancing towards his teammates.

His thin and fragile figure made it even look like he was shaking in fear although he's just somehow "uncomfortable" with the situation at hand.

But, it was something totally understandable in this situation. Facing them were the colony of Hog Beetles heading for the town of Bethizel.

There is "nothing" they can do after they've decided to accept the task at hand.

"... Or we could just retreat and think of this as an inevitable tragedy… Marie, surely this is not something we should be throwing our lives away for." The ax-wielding man suggested.

"We couldn't simply back down now!" Retorted the blue mage, Lady Marie. Her hands were trembling in fear yet her expression showed uncanny determination.

"Marcus is right, we couldn't just risk it all here… This is surely not worth it, " the thin man, Jasper—the rogue-class adventurer, added.

"No! How could both of you say that! We've sworn under the name of being Adventurers that we would uphold our tasks no matter what. It is what we pride for the least, we should not throw that away either!"

Marie retorted at the suggestion of just back

insects carapace like butter against a hot knife.

"See? I told you both that we could do it!" Marie cheerfully exclaimed.

One by one the wave of rampaging Hog Beetles diminished.


Within the horizon, a tear shifted back and forth out of nowhere as a sudden rift came into view.

Reappearing like thin air from the void, the mysterious figure—

The one that called these bugs his "children", showed himself in front of the three...

"Tsk tsk, you dared slaughter my creations...then I'll make you three regret doing so..."

One by one, the slaughter beetles disappeared. They did not vanish into thin air— they were slowly devoured by the ground as the surrounding suddenly became "clean".

Cleared of all the insect corpses. Ominous green light glowed from the cracks on the ground as it suddenly shook. Fissured started appearing as explosion came about left and right.

The hoard of insects re-emerged from the soil as they looked a lot different—

Rabid red eyes, sharper spines, thicker carapace. Their appearance was heavily altered... But it seemed that it was not the only thing that has changed.

They were emitting overflowing killing intent, as each of them glared at the baffled group of three.

"...So now I guess would be the best time to retreat?" Marie quietly muttered, The three of them gulped, clearing their throats—

As they immediately turned tail and hurriedly ran back towards the town.

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