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   Chapter 15 Entering the Desolate Lands of Bethizel

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"... Uhhh… What happened?... Owww…"

The creaking sound of the floor from all the inn's guest walking through the lobby jogged back Jacob's consciousness.

Although he was now awake, his body felt really 'heavy'— He could barely stand up.

His pupils scoured left and right to check his surroundings… Only one thing has changed; He has his right arm back— well, not exactly.

In place of his severed arm was an odd-looking metal limb; it was dark in color and it felt cold to the touch. It was covered with enigmatic scribblings, as it oozed an ominous purple glow.

Jacob could hardly pick himself up. Begrudgingly crawling towards the bed, he laid down.

The dizziness wasn't wearing off, but he's feeling a little bit better.

The growling on his stomach stopped. But the zipping and zapping noise from the arm wasn't ceasing at the least bit;

The buzzing sound might not be blaring enough to attract the neighboring rooms attention, but it was loud for Jacob to get annoyed by its never-ending dissonance.

'This is the new arm?… It looks really… odd.'

Jacob scantily opened his eyes as he raised his brand-new limb, inspecting its peculiar look.

He could barely sense anything from it.

It was obviously not skin; thus, it was far from being something able to pick up the sensory of a human touch. It was something that's definitely artificial, yet at the same time…

"I could fully control it…" Swinging the arm back and forth as he tinkled each finger, one by one.

Jacob felt like it was something that's a part of him, yet at the same time, is not. It looked weird enough— But as to how it works, he was left in total wonder.


The light-headedness wore off after a few more hours of lying down helplessly…

He could now stand up.

Noticing the tiny box, the one that contained the pill back then, on the floor. Jacob picked it up as he noticed a folded sheet of paper keenly placed inside it.

"...Huh? Why did I not notice this before."

Opening it, Jacob read what's inside with a dumbfounded expression painted all over his face.

Within the tiny piece of paper, was written—

[~Insert marble on the open wound to regrow limb~]

A sing

his third day in this city. Jacob immediately woke up as he made his way towards the public bath.

Aside from cleaning himself, he also washed his clothes. Paying extra for water and magic drying; He spent a total of a silver coin, including the breakfast he had from the local tavern.

He then went towards the city market, purchasing a few sets of clothes for himself, and a leather case for the shortsword.

Jacob could have done all this within the Systems shop; But he opted not to, the reason?—

Everything that's sold within the shop was way too... grand!

Even after queueing "simple leather case"; what appeared was something way too pristine looking for someone like him to be carrying nonchalantly. Even the clothes available were the same!

'"Everything" between the heavens and earth huh? Were are the normal looking things?' Jacob 'despised' the overly-exaggerated description of the system shop.

Spending a total of 3 silvers, 50 silver coins remained. Just enough for his trip.


"Northeast of the city... A couple of miles from the wall." If he hurries, he could make it before nighttime.

After gathering the information he needed to know regarding the town of Bethizel, Jacob then made his way without skipping a beat.


A desolate land... Nothing but dead crop fields and corpses of half-eaten farm animals were lying all over the place.

The carnivorous Hog Beetles rampaged all over the town of Bethizel...

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