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   Chapter 14 The Crimson Warrior and The Fire Mage

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'I wonder why it's so cheap…'

Inspecting the item thoroughly, He was still in confusion as to how its priced at 50 silvers—

Jacob was pretty sure that Classes weren't something that could be easily attained;

One must have an affinity to it for the Class to work; Those that force themselves to wield something that's highly incompatible to them were only seeking early deaths.

There are a few options for one to attain a Class…

Classes are often defined as abilities that a person possesses—

It could have been due to their physical abilities, their rigid experiences, their hobbies, their innate talent, their bloodline, or even things that they often do— and in rare occasions; people could pass down classes to someone else at some extent.

With all the things that are doable for one to acquire a class; it would then not necessarily mean that each of it is attained solely for combat—

These types of classes are known as the Work-type Classes, or most commonly labeled as Subclasses;

Classes such as Merchant, Scholar, Blacksmith, etc. are few of the examples of these Subclasses— Their main purpose is to serve as a tool for efficiency;

The higher a person's affinity and experience at a certain Subclass, the better he is at its specialization.

For example; A Level 10 Blacksmith would always yield a better result and a higher chance of success when forging weapons compared to someone of the same Subclass but with a lower level.

Same goes rules would be applied with the Battle-type Classes; The higher the level— the stronger the attack.


[Crimson Fire Mage] - "Control the great power of the crimson flame"

"If I buy this now… I wonder what's the catch of the rock-bottom price tag— Ah, it's not that big of a risk."

Jacob, realizing that he could not inspect the Class' details any further without purchasing it, he decided to do so immediately...

"Purchase [Crimson Fire Mage] Class"

[Ding! Successfully purchased "Crimso

ridiculous price of a gold coin.

He might do so after delivering the herbs and receiving the remaining pay...


"So that's why it's inexpensive... It could be improved..."

Now that he has the class, Jacob then did not hesitate in dabbling through its details. He then discovered that the class itself was cheap as it could be upgraded.

In fact, it could be upgraded two more times... namely—

[Vermillion Fire Mage] and [Sanguine Fire Mage].

Each costing increasingly different amounts; priced at 50 and 500 Gold coins respectively.

"...This... Ah, nevermind—

I shouldn't even bother thinking about any of this... This is just way too much for now."

Immediately closing the tabs, Jacob then searched for the next item that he needs the most;

"Purchase [Arm of Cronus]"

A whooshing sound echoed through the room as a wooden box appeared.

Surprisingly, the size of it was rather... tiny, it could even fit in Jacob's palm.

"Eh? Should it not be an arm?" Hurriedly opening the box, a glowing orange pill could be seen.

"...I have to swallow this then?" Without thinking much, he immediately popped the pill into his mouth— gobbling it whole.

A weird grumbling sound came from his stomach as soon as he ingested the pill...


Jacob's body then collapsed to the ground.

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