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   Chapter 13 The Sharpest Blade and the Cheapest Class

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-Andrew's Blacksmithing Shop- (Dantalian City)

"This looks really well-made!"

Jacob immediately complimented the dagger that was handed out to him; Unlike the receptionist back on the Crafters Guild, the clerk of this blacksmithing shop was much more friendly.

Even the place itself looks way better; more items are publicly displayed and there's seemingly a wider array of option available here than there is in the Crafters Guild.

"Oh, you have good eyes kid; Glad you like it. Here, if you wanna buy that, I'll sell it to you for a silver coin. How about that?"

The middle-aged man with a thick white beard, that served as the receptionist, replied.

"I am not sure that Mr. Andrew would be too happy about giving such huge discounts, sir; Hmmm… assuming that Andrew would be the name of shop's owner? Hahaha" Jacob laughed as he scratched his head—

It was indeed a generous offer, but Jacob could not help but feel guilty about grabbing said opportunity right away without the consent of either the owner or the blacksmith himself.

"Ah! Hahaha, Yes kid, his name is Andrew— and you're talking to him right now." the clerk revealed who he really is.

"Eh? You?" Jacob was shocked at the fact that the owner of such a big shop was manning the counter himself; It wasn't something unusual, but it is still pretty uncommon.

"Do you see anyone else in this counter? Hahaha, I am Andrew. Andrew Jorgensen, nice meeting you. I am the owner and the blacksmith of this shop."

The bearded-man giggled as he introduced himself. His callous voice contradicted his seemingly gentle nature.

"Ah, then I apologize, Sir Andrew; I am Jacob Rolfe, a... peddler."

"Oh? It's good to see someone so young be interested in business early on, that's really rare to see nowadays;

Most of the youngsters nowadays are more likely to be doing strength training or learning magic just so they could be adventurers later on—

But I guess there are still few that thinks just like you. Keep it up, kid!"

"Hahaha, I am obviously not qualified to be an adventurer anytime soon, Sir Andrew, " Jacob replied, It may have been somethings instinctive— Andrew glanced towards the missing arm of Jacob;

"Don't get discouraged, kid... It's just an arm. You could be both an amazing merchant, and a great adventurer, even with a single arm!"

"It's fine Sir Andrew; I am not worried about my arm or anything hahaha in fact— " Jacob timidly laughed as he continued

"— I am even looking for a personal weapon myself; that's why I am here. When it all comes down to it, I don't think having a single arm would hinder me that much."

"Hmmm... But it seems that you do have a weapon yourself? And just by

ed to be at least someone who knows magic… One way or another.

It was a common notion that magic was the 'absolute' power; But even more so—

Magic was considered as something that was granted by the gods themselves, which would have explained the scarcity of people that are able to use this ability efficiently.

Only 3 out of every 10 people would have any affinity regarding different types of magic. And only 1 out of every 100 would be strong enough to wield it to the strongest level possible.

This does not sound rare if one would consider the number of people that are able to use magic.

Every now and then, Jacob could clearly see people utilizing it.

But thinking about it a little bit deeper, 30% of the population knows how to… and all they could do were basic spells.

The other 1% would be those prominent magic casters that are known all throughout the world.

It is that incredible if one is highly talented in using magic.


Arriving at the room where he was staying, Jacob immediately hopped on to the bed as he immediately muttered.

"Open the Merchant's System Shop"

Considering how he truly needs a way to get rid of the Hog Beetles in the future, he temporarily withdrew the idea of the arms immediate purchase as he tried to look for a fire-type class instead.

"Fire-type Class"

'...It's just 50 silver coins?'

Jacob was even uncertain at first if whether or not the shop sells actual 'Classes'; as these were not necessarily something that could be bought easily; or if one could... It would never be this cheap.

Magic was something considered as 'absolute', almost on par with how people treat the power of Money as to be of no equal... Jacob was definitely weirded out as to why this class was so cheap...

"[Crimson Fire Mage] huh..."

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