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   Chapter 12 I Guess I Should've Thrown It Instead

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-Merchant's Guild- (Dantalian City Branch)

"I'll be heading out now, thank you again, Miss Zou."

"No problem young man, take care."

Merchant Zou replied before Jacob went out of the Merchant Guild's building.

"... Are you sure you're not sick or anything boss?" One of the receptionists, Borg, inquired.

Zou had a confused expression on her face—

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"I think what Borg meant, Miss Zou... Would be that… You just issued a very dangerous task— to a very young kid…" Borg's best friend and co-worker, Jed, answered.

The duo questioned Zou's decision for letting Jacob handle the herb's delivery...

Zou had always been critical in her decisions and would always make sure that everything she does is accurate and profitable in the long run;

She's a merchant with a foresight for great success.

But letting a kid do a troublesome job seems to really be off-character— In short, it was unlikely for Merchant Zou to do something rash and ludicrous.

"Ah, that. Well... It might have just been a gut feeling of mine, but I could see a hint of my old self from that child—

— You saw how he did not hesitate in accepting the task? Because he knew beforehand that it was profitable, and would not trouble him that much in the first place…

Which means in an instant; He perceived the cost even before knowing about the reward."

Merchant Zou answered with a confident smile on her face, as she added;

"Besides, He does not look too shabby; I bet he lost his arm at a tender age due to fighting something way above his league… and had survived nonetheless."

Her guess might have been highly-inaccurate; yet it seemed plausible for the clerk-duo, as they both nodded in satisfaction from Zou's explanation.


Jacob went back to the alleyway where he was temporarily staying like a homeless beggar; he checked his total earnings for the day—

[Gold Coins: 1]...[Silver Coins: 32]

Somehow, he has less profit compare to yesterday due to him testing out the Fruit Tarts—

But Jacob considered it as an investment as he could easily earn more no

re a bit shallow.

Blatantly holding out the pouch of money as to say "I can buy things in here"— Jacob proudly walked forward.

"What do you want, kid?" The man at the counter immediately briskly asked.

'Damn... why do these people look angry all the time—' Jacob still remained calm and confident, as he replied, "How much for a standard dagger?"

Seeing that Jacob seemingly has a pouch full of money, the receptionist gave a pretty high price, for a crummy-looking dagger, that is.

"2 silver coins. That's how low I can give this to you..."

"Isn't that a bit too much mister? This dagger is definitely unpolished... rusty even."


The receptionist took the dagger out of Jacob's hand; 'inspecting' it once more— before suddenly stabbing towards the direction of Jacob!

Luckily... It missed. The gap between Jacob, the counter, and the seemingly psychotic clerk, were too far apart;

"What the hell was that for?!" Jacob was caught off guard by the stab from out of nowhere;

"Tsk should've thrown it instead..." the clerk "inwardly" retorted.

'What is with this guy...'

Without turning his back, Jacob walked out of the crafter guild's building immediately.

Heading towards the Blacksmith's Workshop, he had better hopes in comparison to what he had just experienced.

He could not properly assess the weapon's quality when the seller is just... deranged.

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