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   Chapter 11 A Request from the Merchant's Guild

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"You're seriously undermining your own product, kid. This should even be worth more than 3 silvers!" One of the people that sampled the tart exclaimed after hearing Jacob say that it would only cost a single silver coin, "Ah… For now, that is—" Jacob smiled as he added

"I am planning to sell it on a discount so most of the people could try it out; It is something I 'made' out of a whim and I have decided to at least sell it cheap on the first day"

"Ahhh, that makes more sense. So, How about it, are you willing to sell 5 of them to me?" The man replied; the others, that have also sampled the tart, waited for Jacob's answer.

"Hmmm… Actually, I am planning to sell one for each customer for now; It would be better that way, don't you think sir?"

Jacob replied as he added, "Do not worry, I would make some tomorrow if you want more."

"Ahhh, If that's how you want to do it, kid. Hahaha It's your choice, it's not like I am the one selling or anything." the man replied.

Lining up, the customers that bought the sweetbreads in advance have gotten their order, some were even enthusiastic about the new product that they bought one; just to try it out as well.

The 30 Fruit Tarts were easily sold;

Folding the cloth as to call it a day, one of the customers inquired;

"Ah, wait up boy; are you not taking pre-orders for those tarts that you are selling?"

Jacob had to make something up as an excuse for not 'making' any more of those tarts—

It would blow the secret regarding the system's existence if people would start questioning how he's making these pastries in such huge batches, on a daily basis even.

"I do apologize mister, but the 'ingredients' that make up the tart is not as easy to get as for those that I need for the sweet bread."

"Oh? That's too bad then… Ah, good things can't really come in waves." The man was a bit disappointed;

Yet he could not help but still be happy, on his hands was the wrapped fruit tart that he was about to bring back home for his wife.


Even before Jacob could wrap things up for the day—

Two mysterious men were nearing him, "Oh… You're those two guys back then?" Jacob nonchalantly talked to the approaching figures, "Huh? Ah yes, we are— wait, How did…" one of the men stuttered in reply; He was confused as to how Jacob knew them.

"Ah, I wasn't asleep back then… So? What brings you two here?" Jacob replied, "Uhhh… We could see that you're selling something here… and it's getting a little bit "too big" for a small-time merchant; It's just that…

Uhm, our boss wants you to register in the guild so you won't get trouble in the future, that's all."

The other man timidly answered… Although he was stammering his speech, Jacob could tel

what is it, young man? That parchment would be invalidated within 2 weeks time, what's so important that you have to set aside the registration for?" Zou inquired, "It's about the town of Bethizel, I am heading there for an important 'request', " Jacob answered;

Zou caressed her chin as she asked for a favor—

"Hmmm... Bethizel huh; Do you mind doing another errand along the way? I'd pay you for it."

The word "pay" dinged a heavy bell in Jacob's ear—

"Of course! That would be gre— I mean, yes, my pleasure to do so Miss Zou; *cough* What is it?"

"Ah, could you deliver this for me then..."

Handing out an encased clump of plants, Zou added;

"These are the herbs requested by the village chief from the apothecary; Can you do it? Hmmm— here, I'll give you an advance payment for the trouble."

Together with the case, Zou gave a whopping one gold coin to Jacob.

"A gold coin!?" Jacob could not help but exclaim in surprise...

"Ah? Is it not enough? It's just the downpayment for the request though... I'll be handing you the other half after you're done with it— "

She was shocked with Jacob's reaction as well... 'This kid is greedier than I thought.'

Jacob just gulped down as he did not dare question anymore... This gold coin immediately served a purpose the moment it was handed over to him.

At first, he was just planning to buy something dispensable to at least help him kill those Hog Beetles;

His training sword is indeed amazing, but stunning them is something that is obviously lacking— He needs the firepower strong enough to kill them.

But having this gold coin... The preparation has just gotten better.

'I could finally purchase that replacement arm... Hmmm, what was it called again... Ah— Arm of Cronus? Yeah, that one...'

Jacob had an excited smile on his face.

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