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   Chapter 10 Rise of the Bread-Selling Merchant

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"Psst! Kid...Wake up..." One of the men tried jogging Jacob to wake him up, "He looks like he's not waking up soon? He looks really tired…" The other retorted as the sleeping figure appeared to be too unresponsive.

"Fine… Let's just go. He promised those customers back then that he'll return tomorrow; we'll talk to him by then..."

The two men who approached Jacob immediately left after they tried waking him up;

'... Eh, it seems like they weren't bad guys after all?'

Jacob slowly opened his eyes as he saw the disappearing figure of the two.

He was unsure as to what those men were up to, but he was already gripping the hilt of the wooden sword— ready to swing anytime, but it seems that it was not needed.

Jacob went back to sleep...


It was early in the morning when Jacob prepared himself for the morning sales.

He tidied himself as he went towards the public wash, cleaning himself a bit before heading towards the city square.

For him; It's not just about the product, the merchant should be presentable as well.

The distance between the alley, the wash, and the square wasn't short;

It was 7 when he finally arrived at his spot yesterday.

Shockingly, there were already people waiting for him.

Although, he was pretty sure that these weren't the people that bought pieces of bread from him yesterday…

'Might be the slaves of those nobles… I assume that they were nobles, they were dressed so neatly.'

Jacob's guess was accurate, these were indeed workers of those people back then;


"My Madame sent me here to purchase your sweet bread."

"Of course, here. I have promised her back then; so it's just right to serve you first."

Handing out one of the sweet bread—

Jacob then prepared to set up his "makeshift stall" by laying down the numerous amount of bread on a piece of cloth.

The cloth came from his torn dress back then, it was washed together with him when he took a bath.

The array of bread


"Ah… Sorry for being a bit late, I have prepared something new. Here, try this!" Jacob handed out the crumbs and uneven pieces of the Fruit Tart;

It might not look fresh, now that he himself ate some of it— But it definitely still looked appetizing.

"Don't mind if I do kid, let me have a taste."

One of the first customers he had yesterday came back; Seems like he was about to purchase some more.

The man took a bite of the Fruit Tart; He closed his eyes to properly savor the flavor…

"This… It's— It's amazing! What… What is this kid?! How does this thing taste so good?" He couldn't help but exclaim passionately about how delicious it was, The others, who have had their share on the sample tart, immediately gobbled up their piece after hearing him.

"It… It really is!"

"Are you selling these?! How much, no— you don't even have to answer that, I'll take 5!"

"If it does not cost more than 5 silver coins, then, I'll take 10!"

"I'll take 10 as well!... Doesn't even matter if you're selling it for 5 silvers."

The other 3 that have tasted the tart samples immediately caused an uproar; that the other customers, those that have pre-purchased the sweetbreads, were even wondering what the commotion was all about.

"Actually, I am just selling it for a single silver coin…"

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