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   Chapter 9 Testing Another Method of Earning

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"Hog Beetles!"

These were the pests that are currently plaguing the town of Bethizel—

The neighboring district of Dantalian;

It is an agricultural land developed by one the sons of the previous city governor.

The insects mentioned in the request is no stranger to Jacob, though he had never seen one personally;

It was something that he had read about when he studied agriculture.

These Hog Beetles were no mere insects; these things are comparatively huge!

An adolescent beetle could grow to be as big as an adult hound, while a fully-mature beetle would be the size of a farm cow!

They were considered as notorious pests, they could easily trample crop fields within a day!

The Hog Beetles are even carnivorous and would kill and eat the livestock.

...Now, these pests are more of a ruthless pack of beasts rather than a tiny insect—

Considering the hacks unknown intricacies

Jacob deduced that either it was the size of the dead creature or the strength level and it's capability to fight would be the criteria measured during the hack;

The latter seems the most plausible one, and if so… Then these hog beetles would definitely be worth something more than those ants.

The opportunity to earn seems like it handed itself over!

Checking the map, it seems that the Bethizel hasn't been established for that long— It did not appear anywhere within the closest markings from Dantalian City.

"... Do I need to buy a new map just for this? Hmmm… I haven't tried the "Customize" part of the System yet… should I?"

Jacob barely remembered the use of the option, but he was pretty sure that it could be used to "improve" this map, one way or another;

Hiding deeper in the alleyway; Jacob uttered the word


The list of items he currently has, including those that are from the Starter pack, appeared in front of him.

He did not bother checking the other items, and immediately went ahead and improved the "Map of the Grand Empire".

[System Notification: Insufficient Balance- Total Cost to improve: 20 Silver coins]

Even before Jacob could convert the 2 silver coin, a saddening notice appeared…

"Oh... Well, I guess there should be another way right. Right—

Ah! How stupid of me… I could've just asked the loc

disabled… way far from being "disabled".

300 copper coins within 30 minutes… that was something.

"Little boy, do you not have any more of those bread? I would like to purchase a few more." A woman, who failed to buy up even a piece of the bread, inquired.

"Ah… I apologize madam, but I am all out for now. But, worry not, I'll be back here tomorrow; the morning and at this same time. I'll prepare more just for you."

Jacob's warm smile was indeed heart-fluttering, as the patronage of the customers increased from those words alone.

"That's good to here!" Another one of the people that have sampled but have failed to procure one added, "Then, we'll be seeing you here tomorrow then. Take care child."

Jacob immediately wrapped it up as he hurriedly returned to the alleyway—

He had no other place to stay for now, and he could barely afford an Inn…

He immediately converted the coins into the system's currency, as he purchased 30 more of the sweet bread— storing it within the satchel to maintain its freshness.

The sun was still high up, but he was already exhausted…

He did not dare go back to sell these for now, and had tucked in his robes as to not dirty it; leaning back on the wall as he sat cross-legged, Jacob closed his eyes as he made his trip to dreamland.


"This was the kid you saw selling on the square?"

"I am pretty sure that's him… What is he doing in this alley though? It stinks in here."

Two men were seen closing down on the sleeping figure of Jacob...

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