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   Chapter 8 Shoddy Business Within the Adventurer's Guild

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-Adventurer's Guild- (Dantalian City Branch)

The creaking sound of the door immediately grabbed everyone's attention;

Gazes were directed at the figure that had just entered;

For some unknown reason; Today, the guilds hall was oddly full of people that were doing absolutely nothing...

The atmosphere might have felt awkward—

But Jacob did not mind it, he walked towards the receptionist without care— Reynard might have been right, he's just a naive kid.


"What's a kid doing here?" whispered one of the adventurers.

"Eh, who knows? Might be just running some errands, " one of his party members replied;

It was not just the squeaky sound of the door opening that had them focus on the boy, but the fact that a minor entered the guild was baffling for them—

This place is certainly not some child's playground;

It would have been different from just some petite adventurer that looks like a kid, but this one is a genuine child.

"Good morning, I would like— " Jacob could not even finish his sentence when the receptionist interrupted.

"How old are you? Aren't you too young to even be here?" she raised her brow as she questioned Jacob.

She did not look like someone that would take things seriously from a kid— In fact, she does not look like she's someone that would even listen properly.

Her wrinkled forehead, the moment Jacob approached her, immediately "increased" her age drastically; she does not seem to be that old, nor is she young… yet—

Her attitude in itself made her look like an old hag, for Jacob that is.

"Ah— I am 14 years old, and yes. Yes, I am." Jacob "sincerely" replied.

"Then, no need to ask any more questions here kid, get lost!"

The receptionist did not even have second-thoughts before spitting Jacob out of the building.

" — wait, wait! Since when did guilds have age restrictions!?"

Jacob desperately voiced out his inquiry before the door shut tight.


"What was that for?" A lady mage dressed in blue inquired the clerk about her sudden "uproar".

"True, you don't have to kick the kid out like that…" A brawny ax-wielding man added, "Ahhh…Miss Marie might not be in a good mood today, huh, or so it seems? hahaha."

Cheekily laughing was the pale-looking man with two daggers hanging on his belt, he

Phew… Nevermind; it's not like this is the only place that I could try searching for clues."

Jacob stood up from squatting down in the alley beside the guild's building.

He walked towards the other guilds to try his luck when he noticed something hanging on the wall of the building— A decaying wooden bulletin

It was a notice board…

This thing is different from the one inside the guild; these were basically public notices or unpaid requests;

In short, things posted here are quests that were basically rewardless.

It's a way for those people that could not afford to pay the fees from the guild to issue a request; have a chance to let out their plea— in hopes that a "heroic" adventurer would come to their aid.

But from how "hard" life has been for these adventurers recently; this notice board have gone, ironically, unnoticed.

From how dusty the entire plank looks, this had not been touched for months, but—

A comparatively new parchment is posted on it.

Grabbing the paper, Jacob read the details of the request.

It was posted 2 weeks ago; Concerning about pests that were plaguing a nearby town—

"So this requests isn't even here in this city…"

This should not even concern Jacob in the least bit...

Even the "pest" part discouraged him immediately. He already knows that the Merchant's Hack does not work with insects; proof were the ants back then…

He would've disregarded this request entirely when he read further, regarding on what pest was attacking the town…

"Hog Beetles!"

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