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   Chapter 7 The Different Guilds within the City

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"Stop fooling around kid… Come on now, you may look too young for me to even assume you're an adventurer—

...But please don't make me look like an idiot by believing you're an actual merchant."

Commander Reynald reprimanded Jacob for "joking" around.

But for some odd reason, he felt pity for this kid. His robe was covered in sweat, and the boy looks obviously tired;

He might have traveled really far, and worse of all—

"...You seemed injured kid, are you sure you're alright?"

The loose sleeves of the robe gave away the fact that Jacob was missing an arm. It did not seem like it was something that had happened long ago.

The wound looked fresh and obviously something that had not been attended to professionally.

It looks like it was healing, but it does not seem "fine" at all, "...Ah, this… I am okay. Don't worry about it"

Jacob noticed that the head inspector looked worried; He's a burly bearded man, but it does seem like he has a kind heart. Jacob added…

"I came from the capital city of Creia, I was a slave of a noble family, and I am here because of them—

...I am just a brand new "merchant", though it would be fine for me to try being an adventurer as well."

Reynard creased his brow as he listened to the reasons of this "merchant slave boy" — 'This kid is just, naive?'

Well, putting it lightly, he would be more of an innocent person...

"What's your name boy?"

"I am Jacob Rolfe, sir. And— "

Looking behind the still-increasing long line, Jacob jogged Reynard's attention;

" — Ow, Hmmm… Go ahead kid, " Pointing to the guards closest to the entrance, Reynard instructed.

"Tell them that I granted you passage. Do get help for your injury within the city if you have the money to spare— you know what, here, have this."

Handing 2 silver coins to Jacob, Reynard added

"Hope this would help, don't even ask why I am being kind to you, just go kid, hmmm—

Say, which noble family did

mines of information and tons of traffic for different people

But it would seem that those people back then were more likely from this place, "... The Mercenaries Guild"

It was definitely odd— even off-putting to say the least, to see such sign displayed so proudly.

'Isn't this thing... Illegal?' Jacob was pretty sure that he had not read things wrongly back then;

Mercenaries were known to do those dirty jobs...

But he never would have guessed that the time would arrive that he could see such activity be advertised publicly.


It would be quite a bold move to be immediately entering such nefarious place... But he has to back things up a bit...

For now, he's a nobody; and he would certainly not be allowed any information regarding that place, let alone being granted entrance— unless.

"I could bribe my way in..."

The two silver coins he had would certainly not be enough... And he would feel bad spending it this way after it was handed with good will.

Aside from being a big-time merchant;

One more thing could actually guarantee the promise of a quick cash— being a professional adventurer. Someone who gets paid for their "good deeds".

Cranking open the wooden door of the guild's building, Jacob braced himself as he entered the Adventurer's Guild.

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