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   Chapter 6 Entering the Vassal City of Dantalian

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Located at the crossroads of the Grassy Plains and the Academia City;

A mid-sized trading city, Dantalian—

Had been a successful business center even before they were under the ruling of the Grand Empire.

The peculiar location of the city had been both a bane and a boon.

A blessing— as they could easily navigate from all four directions, making trades easier and business routes very accessible.

This led more people to gather here more than any other places; easily earning them taxes from traveling merchants, businessmen, and the likes.

A curse— is the fact that: In every success, there are people bound to prey on that rise and would drag you to fall.

Many neighboring kingdoms and cities had been eyeing the growth of Dantalian City and had made moves to take control of it.

It did not happen once, but almost a dozen times over the course of the years.

Due to this, it had made the rapid growth of the city halt and move at a mediocre pace—

Not until the Grand Empire decided to intervene.

Now, the city was once again bustling with activities; progressing without care.

Different guilds thrived and had made their share on the growth of the city, even those that are underground and could be considered "illegal".

The black market and the Mercenaries Guild, are few of these "great contributors", and are paying the right amount of taxation.

The fact that the city is basically ruled by the Grand Empire meant that even the darker side feared to play around foolishly— and had done their part to properly contribute.


It was 6 in the morning—

Another "peaceful" day for the residents of Dantalian City.

Crimes and other atrocities are gone "within" the city walls— emphasis on the word "within", as the outside of the city is a whole different story.

e Lisa might be.

But his instinct alone felt something should be done urgently… before anything would be too late.

Reaching the ridiculously long line, Jacob sighed in disappointment—

Not just because of the fact that it would take him longer to get in, but it seems that an inspection would happen before allowing him to do so.

" — Ah, why would I be afraid of an inspection. It's not like I did anything wrong… right?"

Jacob regained his composure after convincing himself that it would be a piece of cake to be granted entrance.

The line moved a little faster than he expected;

It was before 8 when he reached the front of the line.

Reynard's keen eyesight inspected Jacob's figure, head to toe—

"Present your Adventurer's Card."

"Ah… I don't have one…" Jacob timidly replied, "Eh? Are you not an adventurer?"

It might have been the elegant looking scabbard that "exaggerated" the actual wooden sword sheathed inside;

But him looking like an adventurer seemed a bit too far-fetched?

Cupping his chin as he thought about what to say next, Jacob uttered the words—

"Uhmmm.., Actually, I am some sort of a… merchant? Hmmm, that sounds correct— yup, I am a merchant."

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