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   Chapter 4 Taking a Needed Break from a Busy Day

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Exactly 200 copper coins were left after the "hacking" was done.

The corpses of the goblins disappeared, as what replaced them were piles of coins.

Gathering them within one single clump, another notice appeared

[Would you like to convert them into the system's currency?]


The accumulated pile of copper coins started glowing with bright golden radiance, as it slowly dissipated into thin air.

[Ding, Acquired Copper coins], [Copper Coins: 200]

[Latest search queue: Map of the Grand Empire, Would you like to purchase it for 50 copper coins?]

"Yes, definitely."

Similar as to how the coins disappeared, an old map suddenly appeared out of thin air as it landed on Jacob's palm— Just like that; he successfully secured a map.

"This makes things easy... Wait—way, way easier! This is amazing!"

[You have enough Copper coins to convert into a single Silver coin, Converting...]

[Ding! Acquired 1 Silver coin], [Silver Coins: 1], [Copper Coins: 50]

[You have enough money to purchase the [Starter Pack], Purchase?]

"...Wait, what? Oh, of course, yes— Yes, why wouldn't I?"

Jacob was startled by the sudden "automation" of the system. Converting the copper coins and advertising the procurement of the [Starter Pack]; He immediately grabbed the opportunity.

A brown sack appeared right in front of him after purchasing.

Excitedly opening it, Jacob's smile turned upside down.

The contents inside were not the things that he had expected them to be.

The "Training Blade" was a literal wooden sword.

The "White Robes" was just, a plain white robe; that's it.

The "Satchel" was nothing special either, just a brown leather bag.

The "Ring" was at least decent, it's silver with a green gem in the middle.

"Hmmm... Well, it's fine, I expected too much from a single silver coin purchase."

Grabbing the hilt of the wooden sword, a tiny floating notice appeared beside it.

[Legendary Training Sword] - Stuns opponents for 5 minutes when touched.

"What the..." Without another thought, Jacob started grabbing the other items, each of it having absurd effects, one after the other.

[The Grand Robes] - Increases User's Defense, Improves Health Regeneration.

[Infinite Satchel] - Provides Indefinite storage space. Limited to non-sentient objects.

[The Great Ring of Healing] - Recovers Vitality, Reduces Fatigue, Decreases Ailment Status Effect.

Now, this is definitely worth the silver coin. Heck, this even worth a hundred of gold coins!

These items were just plain absurd from the get-go!


Reemerging from the entrance of the cavern was a neatly-dressed Jacob.

The robes fit him perfectly!

He had used his tattered clothes to clean himself a bit before wearing the all-white dress, it would be a shame to stain it with blood. The simple leather satchel amazingly looks good, it's dark brown color adds contrast to the bright white color of the dress.

The hollow wound from the severed left arm was mysteriously numb for some reason; Its recovery was astonishingly fast, might have something to do with the robe and ring's healing effect.

Tucked on his belt was the plain-looking scabbard of the wooden sword. Sheathed neatly beside him, the training blade exudes a mysterious aura the moment Jacob treated it as his own.

"This doesn't look too bad, not at all." It might have been because he now knows the effects of these items, but Jacob felt good for himself having al

l of this things now.

"...I should seek out that "thing" that I suppose to have been looking for my entire life— Wait, Lisa!"

It might have been the ecstatic happiness from acquiring the system that could change his life for the better, but it totally slipped Jacob's mind that he wasn't the only one who was in "trouble".

Hurriedly taking the map from his satchel, he tried looking for the place where he had last seen her.

"... Southern Grass Plains, where is it?"

The map was really crude and old; the marks with names of different territories were all really vague.

"Tsk, what's the use of this, I don't even know where I am right now..."

Looking around at the surrounding once more, it was pretty apparent that he was within some sort of forest, or woodlands.

Tall trees thrived heavily within this environment, luckily, there is only a single clump of "tree-abundant" place that's symbolized within the map.

"Caesar Forest..."

It might have been a single forest, but it was extremely huge! It spans the entire lower half of the unexplored region of the Grand Empire, it's one-fourth the size of the empire itself!

Assuming that this was indeed the right place, he should try figuring out which direction is north.

For once he was thankful that he's the type of person that would try random things on a whim if he deems it interesting. Back then, he had picked up a book from the library of the Bernian Family.

It was about the early research of different scholars regarding heavenly bodies. As for how it would help him in his current plight, he has to wait for the sun to set to test it out.

He might be terrible regarding the topic of geography, but he was studious on other things besides his interest in business matters. Jacob had also picked up subjects that he finds oddly useful; Things regarding Agriculture, Laws of the Empire, Knights, and Magic.

All these were attentively studied by him for the past 6 years.

He wasn't regarded as a genius, but due to him being diligent in his work as a slave, he could always spare more time and use it to study even more.

"...I guess I should've studied the topic regarding Geography? heh, " Jacob could not help but just snort;

He was a slave; someone that would never think about studying things regarding the outside world. Heck, he had never even thought from the start that he could even study anything, to begin with.

It would have been pointless for him to learn those things. But he had never thought that the opportunity to venture out into the world would ever arrive. It might have been due to tragic fate, but it was fate, nonetheless.


Although now that he has the system, Jacob could clearly feel that the journey of his life from this point forward would never be that easy.

It might be a bit "smoother" compared to the past; but for him, it would be more or less the same.

He could use the system to help him find the truth regarding his true purpose of being here. But as far as being reliant on it should never be the case.

He technically survived until now by relying on his own wits and strength, sprinkled with some luck here and there.

Laying down under a tree closest to the cavern, Jacob finally took the rest he had been longing for the entire day.


The skies darkened as the sun sets.

It was finally night time.

Opening his eyes as he looks up towards the clear night sky... It was there.

The Northern Star.

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