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   Chapter 3 What in the Name of Heavens Is This

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"Merchant's Hack?"

["Merchant's Hack" is online, Updating system...]

Still confused, Jacob kept rubbing his forehead while repeatedly blinking, making sure he wasn't dreaming or anything.

Jogging his head back and forth, he was then pretty sure that he isn't within some sort of illusion.

This was real.

The illusory parchments floating inside his "head" feels too real to just be his imagination.

Which meant that the person he was talking to a few moments ago was also real...

"—I am his brother? And my parents, weren't my "real" parents?" Jacob then remembered the things in the exchange of words that happened back then.

The mysterious person sounded deceptive and untrue, yet, the fact that the "gift from our Mother" was genuine...

"...Just who am I— what am I, exactly?"

He had been questioning his life's worth for the longest time, it had not been easy. But now, questioning his own identity feels far worse.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that the "buzzing sound" within his head isn't stopping...

The floating parchments then started compressing into a single rolled up case, as another ring resounded.

[Ding... The Merchant's System is now active and ready to go... What can I do for you today?]

A mysterious black and blue image appeared in front of Jacob that contained the words...

—[Shop], [Boost], [Customize] and [Hack].

'...What's with these foreign words?'

Aside from the word "Shop", something that he clearly knows based on how he interacts with them most of the time, the other three were all alien to him.


It might have been a slip of the tongue, but Jacob had said the unknown word out loud.

Within the next instant, another mysterious panel appeared in front of him...

It was— Him?

What appeared within the mysterious black and blue parchment was his image containing words he could barely understand.

"What is all this?"

Poof, another buzzing sound, and the parchment "disappeared" as a different one took its place

[Would you like a run-down on the basics of using the Merchant's System?]


[Great choice!]

["Shop"- Purchase anything and everything that exists between heaven and earth!]

["Boost"- Strengthen one's soul, mind, and body, with money!]

["Customize"-Not satisfied with one's purchase? Change it to one's own preference!]

["Hack"-What's the point in running the system when you're low in cash. Hack your way into it!]

"...Erm?" Jacob paused for a few seconds, waiting for the 'voice' to spew more information, but—

"Wait, was that it?"

[Would you like another run-down on the basics of using the Merchant's System?]

The same question reappeared on the parchment.

"Ah... No thanks, " He immediately declined the very "generous offer" from the system.

Yet somehow, the vague idea that he got from it felt enough for him. It was simple, so it might have been all that he needed to know.

Trying it out, this time, with a broader perspective, Jacob uttered the keyword, "Shop"


"Nothings happening? Hmmm, Ah—"

"Open shop?..."

"Open system shop?..."

"Open the Merchant's System Shop?"

A different black and blue parchment appeared in front of him, containing myriads of different items, labeled with different price tags.

"... It did not work when I just said "Shop"? Hmmm... But it worked when I said., "Boost"?"

Poof! The [Merchant Shop]'s page disappeared as the previous parchment for the "Boost" reappeared.

"The word "Shop" might have been too vague, huh..."

It would have been logical for the system's shop to be a bit more specific compared to the other words that are seemingly non-existent

within this world...

Figuring out this "new thing" called the Merchant's System might be a bit hard for now, but Jacob has this feeling that this would be something that could change his fate, for the better.

Finally! Something that would help him not get screwed every single time.

'Hmmm if it works with the word "Boost", it should work the same with the other two.'


Another parchment appeared, this time, it has nothing on it.

"Empty?... Ah, I have nothing on me that I could possibly "change". Not even my arm, heh."

Jacob snorted as he remembers that he barely survived today.

Well technically, he did die, sort of. But he didn't survive as a whole. It literally cost him an arm.

The [Merchant Shop]'s page suddenly reopened after Jacob dismissed the thought about his tragic life. A parchment labeled as [Suggested Purchase] and [Starter Pack] appeared at the topmost part of the page.

[Suggested Purchase]- [Arm of Cronus] (1 Gold Coin)

[Starter Pack]- Contains ["Your" Training Blade], ["Your" White Robes], ["Your" Parcel], and ["Your" Ring]. (1 Silver Coin)

"Oh?" The "offer" that appeared definitely sounds enticing, and it was obviously structured on what Jacob currently needs, but alas; A single gold and silver coin is not that easy to earn in this world.

A hundred copper coin would equal one silver coin, then; A thousand silver coin would equal a single gold coin!

Given that the standard currency in this world is silver, and even within the medium-class noble family like the Bernian's, their annual income from the taxation of the lands would barely reach 30

Gold coins! That's how hard it is to earn one.

The Starter Pack was viable for now, but the replacement arm could be purchased at a much later date.

"It seems that this power actually belongs to me? I still don't know if this is true though— I have yet to find out if any of this works."

The fact that every item within the starter pack was labeled as his own was a definitive proof that this System was once his.

But none of this proves or points towards anything that would let him know his true identity. But perhaps by seeking the "truth" that his mysterious "brother" had said to him would actually answer all these questions he has in his mind.

"... I definitely have something important to do back then— But what is it, exactly?"

"I should just retrace my steps since I was young... My home village then? Ah... But I can't remember where it was. Hmmm..."

"Open the Merchant's System Shop"

The dark-colored parchment reappeared as the [Starter Pack] and [Suggested Purchase] page closed.


A different set's of geographical maps appeared on the shop's page...

'Now this is a bit of a problem... Which one is the "right" one...Hmmm. Ah!— '

"Map of the Grand Empire."


The items that appeared on the page immediately lessened, finally stopping at a single map.

"50 copper coins, that's not too bad... But... I do not have any money right now."

[Would you like to activate the "Merchant's Hack"?]

A small parchment suddenly appeared the moment Jacob worried about not having any money.

"Sure... Hack?"



Jacob felt like nothing changed after uttering the keyword "Hack".

"Is it another 'secret line' or—"

Without him immediately noticing, He was suddenly surrounded by piles of copper coins, the corpses of the beheaded goblins disappeared entirely as it was replaced by tons of money.

Around 20 of these goblin carcasses slowly turned into cash!

Is this the effect of the "Merchant's Hack"? This is just, absurd!

"What in the name of heavens is happening..."

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