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   Chapter 41 Epilogue

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Do you know how it feels to be scared in every second of time? Too scared to even breath; afraid that the very breath might cause something unpleasant. Something you don't want to find out.

From going outside of the house to living in. It's hard to find a way to lead the life you have had for so long. Even the slightest heave of your chest is protested by the body. So much that you have to stop breathing for a second and those seconds turn into minutes after which the fear really cripples you and strips you bare out in the cold.

It's unstoppable and trying is inane.

I wasn't tied up or handcuff like all those cliché kidnapping stories. Instead, I had all the freedom that I could exercise in that shotgun seat. I believe that if I tried to escape then I could simply unlock the door and run anywhere away from him but the fact that he would let me go, didn't sit well with me. Nothing actually happens as expected when you are faced by critical situations such as this one.

He was sitting there beside me, with the most stoic body language painted all over him. Like he didn't even care about anything in this world anymore, except for one thing.

My submission.

I turned my head towards the window and saw the reflection of a broken drop of tear, crawling its way down my cheek. A flashing sign diverted my eye towards the scenery outside of the window but it was too late for me to read the address as he was driving faster than a madman. At the speed we were going, I was sure that the cops might stop us but the flashing red and blue lights were not seen anywhere.

It's crazy. The way I simply agreed to sit in the car, without any protest, is crazy. I should have fought, I should have done something but I didn't. He actually waited for me to gain my consciousness after which he leads me towards the car. He didn't even have to use any force.

I am not giving up this way. I just feel like I have nowhere else to go. At least there is no place safe enough to stay or hide. Mine and Lizzie's home is the first place on the unsafe list. There is no other pla

there which might make me run away, maybe it was his demons, his skeletons which are out in the open there. Maybe it is a trap like it always has been. Maybe Liza is not even there and he fooled me. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.

My hand tried to tug itself out of his grip but he didn't let me loose. Instead, he turned around, looked at me and picked me up to throw me over his shoulder.

"Leave me! You psycho! Leave me alone!" He didn't reply to my angry shouts instead he spanked my back with such force that the pain expressed itself through my tears.

I had to find a way to escape and the only thing that I could do was scream and shout but before I could do that he stopped abruptly and let me back on my feet. Before I could run away he gripped my arm and swiveled me around to face a two-story Victorian house I have never seen before yet it was familiar to me in an unknown way.

"Familiar isn't it? It's a pity that you can't remember when you saw it. It is understandable. It took me a long time to restore it back to its former beauty but it is worth the blood and time that was spent." He lifted up his head towards the sky and closed his eyes while smirking happily at his achievements and the ruins that he has caused. "Do you smell that? It's like the smell of a new book, a new chapter, Roza." He turned towards me and looked me in the eye.

"A new game."

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