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   Chapter 40 Darkest

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Everything was frozen.

Time, place and memories. Even I was one of the victims to such cold and immobile state but he was not. I never thought that a simple curve of lips could be so mentally lethal and yet as always I was proved wrong. The huge melody of defeat orchestrated in the still air as he kept on looking at me with his eyes, as green as the demon he himself was. He was waiting for me to make some move, to run or scream at him but only one word made its way out of my lips.


He wasn't taken aback by my question but he wasn't prepared either.

"Why what? Why the world revolves around the sun? Why do we think that there is a heaven or hell waiting for us after our death? Why everything beautiful has to end? Why what... Roza?" His unfaltering steps were prowling towards me. Ready to pounce on the injured prey.

"Stop." I matched his actions and took every step back as he made progress towards me.

"Is this your new thing? Talking in monosyllabic words? Because I know a couple of ways to change that." His dominance was overpowering and his words were dreadful. I blame myself and my naivety that I didn't understand it was him all this time, even after all the things that happened to me.

It's useless and it's wasteful, I knew yet I tried to make a clumsy attempt at escape. In a matter of seconds, my back was slammed on the unforgiving wall and the groan of teeth clattering pain, resounding from me echoed on the walls. I was trapped in between his arms with the wall behind my back, providing him the perfect ally at resisting my attempts to escape.

"Where is Liza?" I looked up into his

was nothing but a thin sheet of cloth.

Maybe it was just a few seconds or maybe a long hour but when he finally left my lips, I felt relieved. I was so breathless that I thought I might have a panic attack. My legs were so weak that I was surely going to fall on the ground but his hand around my waist had a strong grip. My whole body was leaning on him and he didn't even need to struggle.

"I wish I could freeze the time and live in this moment forever but the temptation to have much more than stolen kisses is irresistible." In the flash of a second, he brought out a handkerchief out of his pocket and placed it on my wheezing nose. His advantage of the situation was my disadvantage as I couldn't hold my breath any longer because I was already out of air.

The first shot of chemically fused air met my nostrils and the strong smell itself was enough to knock me off. I tried to hold on to my consciousness as he kept on drawing unnerving circles at the back of my shoulder but it was impossible to do so.

"I have many dark secrets but you will be my darkest one Roza."

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