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   Chapter 39 Victory

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The ragged and torn curtain swayed a little from the soft whisper of cold wind that caressed the broken nook and corners of the ruins of a home it once was. Its just bricks and walls now. Nothing left but the ghost of a reminder accompanied with the shreds and tears of scars. I never thought that the dead monsters of my past will return in such manner and leave me hanging off the edge. I didn't know what to feel, I didn't want to feel. Shock? Life has given me enough experiences to deal with that I don't feel surprised anymore. I think you get used to it and its tortures. A time comes after that when you feel nothing but the cold and lonely chill of numbness. Betrayed? Yes maybe I should be feel betrayed by Liza but I can't blame her either because its all my fault.

Liza had this envelope with her when she left. She told me everything will be fine and when she'll return we will have one of our food parties again but this time she said she will cook. I didn't understand what her underlying words meant at that moment and I couldn't ask her either because she was already in her car, disappearing into the sun. I knew something was off but I didn't know what. I never thought she will come here. I never thought she will hide this from me and yet she did. I should have guessed something was wrong when she came downstairs after reading the letter. Her eyes were glossy and she was looking at me with nothing but sympathy. I brushed it off and thought that maybe she was upset because of the reminder of her heart-wrenching past.

The empty envelope felt so heavy in my hands.

ry to kill me. The weak creaks of my footsteps were aimed towards the living room where the piano was playing. I was determined to face my fears and look in the eyes of the person who made me go through such terrors. I was very close to the doorway and even though it took every fiber in my body to take the last step, I did and I came in front of the person who takes pleasure from my pain.

I should have known that it was him all this time. I should have but my lack of cautiousness led me here today, in this spot. The twitch on his lips was nothing but a smirk. He was proud of himself when he saw me and the dark aura of fear and sadness surrounding me. His eyes were unmistakably on me but yet his fingers didn't stop their dance on the keys as he kept on playing the ending tune again and again as his prize and possession. He was behind the piano, facing me when suddenly the last key of the tune was hit and he stood up. Dmitri's green eyes were staring at me and my tears with nothing but victory in his eyes.

Victory achieved on my Submission.

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