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   Chapter 36 Lavender

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The wind blew so hard that it threatened to blow me away in the deep dark waters of the void realm. I felt empty and so did my surroundings. The energy to fight back has already left my soul and there is nothing I can do. I just have to let it happen and hope for hope.

The storm of wind kept its lethal swirls immortal in my head and the rain leaked it's way through my puffy eyes as I didn't do anything to save myself from the beast in front of me. His mouth raked my whole neck, biting, sucking, delving itself in my body. Yet I could not do anything with my pinned hands, held above my head.

His rough moans were making my skin crawl while he held a tight grip and tried to make out with me forcefully out of sheer lust and no emotion. I wanted to do what most people would do, ask for help to the one up above yet somehow, I didn't have the will to do so. It was more like

I closed my eyes and let the green-eyed demon do whatever he wanted to do to me.

All this time he wore contact lenses and I didn't even understand. Behind that lavender innocence lied the green monster. I always thought that no matter what, no one can make me hate or dislike the color green and boy, was I wrong.

His teeth bit into my neck so hard that I couldn't help but scream. He wanted that, he wanted to listen to my screams just like my brother did.

Ivan pushed up his hand on to my chest and before he could tear the feeble protection I was getting from the clothes, the door slammed open.

Someone pulled him off of me and the sick sound of punches entered my ears. I wanted to open my eyes and see Ivan being punished for his crimes but I didn't because I was too hurt for myself to be am

elp but wipe it away from her cheeks.

"Who is this he?" I asked her with my unsatisfied curiosity but she shook her head.

"I don't know either but word has it that he will come soon and if he doesn't get you, Jason, our boss will never see the world again."


That night, when I was sleeping with Agatha, on her tattered bed, I realized that my brother is selling me to someone in return for his life. I didn't know how to feel about that but I was sure that Jason is not my brother anymore. It's beyond my capability to understand the reason why he hates me so much. I never did anything to him yet he is always there, behind my back, shoving me into the dangers of the darkness.

As for this anonymous trader. I don't know anything about him and neither do I want to know.

The small window with wooden glass frame beside the bed, had it's glasses broken and it was a wonder how they were still holding together onto one another for support. Not giving up to the thunderstorm that was churning outside in the great big world.

The night was crying and so was I.

The night was crying for me and my eyes.

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