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   Chapter 34 Reasons

Submission By Korielyn Characters: 6021

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The tiny freckles on my wall never bothered me. I felt that they belonged there. Like a part of a puzzle which doesn't belong there but it still somehow fits in. It always served as a sweet distraction, whenever I and my solitude mind wanted to stay alone. Sometimes distracting the mind helps you in the long way. I wished I had one now.

The shiny, fresh painted wall stared back at me, sporting none of those tiny freckles, I truly felt for. The absence of these tiny things made me realize my perilously wicked fate and this distorted situation. The huge lump of dread smothered down my neck as I stood frozen, under a death hold. My body was drugged into a deep limbo with my mindset lose like the monster from its cage. The warm breath fanning my neck didn't help in defreezing the thick layer of dismay and panic off of me, rather it made me recognize my long forgotten past.

They say that time heals everything but what about scars? They never get away. They never dissolve and neither do the memories.


A little kid

With a set of dreams

Got her heart broken

Never to be awakened up again.


"Poor little Rose, always depressed, always crying and always the victim."

His pointed finger dragged on my shoulder blades. The agonizing silence that followed, wrenched my mind with a different possibility of mishaps. Maybe he will have mercy on me and wrap those same fingers around my neck? Giving me the pleasure of sweet, sweet death?

"I always thought that your submissive little soul would never be able to fight back but the incidents from yesterday surely proved me wrong. That filthy girl is surely rubbing off on you."

It hurt, it hurt me to just stand there and do nothing while his words drew agonizingly slow circles. The close proximity we were sh

ontinues to grieve for her husband who died five years ago.

The teenager laying on the hospital bed, induced in a coma, while her friends and grandparents fear for her and grieve for her family who didn't make it through.

Another drop of tear painfully slithered out of my eyes and smeared my face with my misery. The shard of glass which was previously clutched in my hand laid on the other side of the room. I tried to hide with my hands by covering my face but my smothered wails were still there, emitting my emotions out of me.

I have never been so ashamed of me before.

There are people out there who have suffered so much more than me and they would gladly take any opportunity at survival so that they can spend a little time with their loved ones. Loved ones like Liza.

Here I am, wishing I was dead when there are people out there who are ready to do anything to stay alive. To out weight death and see the daylight every day. To stay with their loved ones and make memories because life is too short to be wasted.

I wiped away my tears and tried to control my ragged breaths when my eyes spotted the discarded shard of glass.

I have never been so ashamed of me before.

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