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   Chapter 33 Stars

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It hurts so much to feel hurt.

The slow thudding of her heart threatened to stop forever while the unshed tears got clogged up where it shouldn't.

It felt like a big hole has been punched through her chest while breathing became impossibly difficult.

She wanted to do so many things and by things, she meant possible ways to hurt herself so that the pain she felt inside could be subdued by the pain outside.

A million thoughts raced through her head and a million feelings coursed through her blood, making her delirious.

Nothing felt right, not even breathing.

No matter how much she tried to hold herself together, she always seemed to fall apart like the water slipping through fisted hands.

She screamed, she shouted, yet her lips were sealed shut.

The darkness around her and the unending agony in her heart blurred her vision until she fell and fell into the bottomless depths of nothingness.


My ears were ringing, no wait, they weren't. The high pitched sound was deafening and no matter what, I couldn't keep my eyes closed. I was in a haze, a deep haze of limbo and it was impossible to break through.

What is happening?

I tried to wriggle, to break free but my body was induced in sleep while my mind was wide awake, scared and lonely. I could feel the wetness seeping from my eyes, down my cheeks but even that couldn't crack my eyes open.

My soul was trapped into the cage, the jail that everyone calls a body. The high pitched sound seemed to be coming from somewhere near me, very close yet so distant. Slowly I could trace its origin and it horrified me when I realized that it was coming out of my very lips,

My room!


I am not in my room...

I ran towards the closed door and pulled with all my might yet the sturdy door didn't even budge at my pleas. My mind tried to come up with another idea as I made my way towards the bedside table to grab my phone which I spotted earlier.

The screen easily unlocked as I entered my password and I wasted no time to type in the three digits. As soon as I was going to press the call button something happened.

The door creaked open behind my back as I stood as still as a statue. My whole body froze as I heard the clicking of the boots echoing off the walls. I could feel the hot breath of someone, fanning my bare neck, striking my whole being with goosebumps.

The phone in my hand slipped out of my sweaty and shivering hands while I cursed my clumsiness and my fate. My mind slowly traced it's way back to the previous night as painful reminders coursed through my mind. I was broken out of my reverie by a very familiar voice, breaking my heart into two pieces.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Didn't your parents ever teach you to never open doors to strangers?"

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