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   Chapter 32 Break through

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Someone was trying to break the wall.

I don't know what they were using but it seemed like a sledgehammer was being pounded from the inside, trying to pierce it's way to the outside of the wall. The deep and loud beating of my heart threatened to escape from the cage of muscles as the pounding continued inside my heart. A drop of cold sweat trickled down my spine as my eyes tried to scan through the darkness.

The painful squeaks of the wooden floor stopped in front of my closed bedroom door. Seconds ticked by as I laid under the bed, hiding from the unknown monster standing on the other side, waiting for me to make any mistakes.

I already did make a mistake.

By trusting all of them.

The doorknob jingled once, too slowly and quietly to make any audible crack in the thick atmosphere but when the knob didn't turn around to satisfactorily unlock the door, a rage-fuelled uproar came from the other side as the person started ramming his body on the door, trying to break through it.

This isn't going to work. I can't hide under the bed, praying to god so that the person won't be able to miraculously find me from my hiding spot; which I must add, is the most cliché place to hide. The grunts from the person kept on ringing in my ears along with thunderous blows on the door while my mind tried to keep up with what was happening around me, trying to find a possible way out of this mess.

The windows shuddered as the cold wind slammed against the glass. My dilated eyes darted towards those windows with a hope for a possible escape. I got out from under the bed and towards the window to open it only to be greeted by my fear of heights. The snow layered backyard was barely visible in the faintly illuminated moonlight but through that darkness, I could still see the silhouette of the tree, as old as the house itself. The branches were perfectly bare with nothing but the seasonal orange flowers.

The old lady who was the previous owner did infor

get off this damn tree and ru.."

My voice was stuck into my throat as I noticed a dark silhouette standing under the tree with his head pointed upwards. The darkness had become his ally as I couldn't see anything except for his silhouette and tilted head. The shadow of the tree shivered a little as the cold wind ruffled its feathers. The skinny shadows cast onto his silhouette made a perfect match with his pearly white teeth as he smiled an evil grin.

As if the devil had reincarnated itself into a human form, I felt his strong glare directed towards my shaking being. He was not making any move to climb up the tree which seemed a little weird to me. Earlier, he was probably trying to break the door down to get to me but now when I am at his hand's reach, he is just waiting there, taking pleasure in some sick twisted game of his.

I decided that I would not climb down even if my life depended on it. With my stubborn will and wit, I decided to stay up as long as I could while the chilly atmosphere decided to work against me with its snowy disguise.

It was all decided.

But clearly, it was a bad decision.

The intoxicating scent of the flowers slowly lured me into a haze of unconsciousness as I felt my body drifting down the tree and falling in the eyes of green pools and tattooed arms.

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