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   Chapter 31 Claustrophobia

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A morbid fear of being confined in a closed space.

Your breath gets stuck in the throat and the crazy spinning of your head doesn't stop. You feel that the walls are closing up on you and there is no air to breathe no matter how much you try to breathe in. The puffing of your chest increases as an invisible hand chokes your neck. The heavyweight all over your body crumbles you down. The pain in your head which was initially like a small needle, pierces your head into two splits. The gruesome nauseous feeling in your stomach buries itself there, six inches deep. The endless screams which come out of the lips don't stop but keep on ringing in your ears and you wonder why no one can hear you. The black spots in your vision make you blind and the only thing you feel is pain and panic.

You are not dead.

You wish you were.

Maybe that was what exactly I was feeling when I closed myself in my room, trying to run away from the wrath between the two mysteriously dangerous men downstairs. The crashing of the furniture and the sick sound of fists punching into a body was heard with repulsed clarity. I tried to shut my ears and concentrate on the numbers in my phone as my attempts to remember the hotline number for emergencies failed again and again.

My hands trembled and shook with tears falling on them as I typed numbers, erased them and retyped them again. The phone crashed and shattered on the far wall as I couldn't take the pressure anymore and threw it with great frustration.

I clutched my head, trying to leash my mind back to its place. The distressed scream that escaped my lips took away the last ray of energy out of my body as I collapsed on the floor and gave up all my courage through my tears.

It's just so wrong. Every time I try to rise up and fight

e things harder for me then I don't know what did. The person threatened Liza's life, well not specifically but it was mentioned that he would harm my "loved ones". I don't think I love anyone more than Liza and even the thought of Liza getting hurt brings tears to my eyes.

I opened each of the letters and placed them in front of me. Something was definitely amiss. The first few letters I received were written on white, creamy paper but the last one I received had a black background with red tinting the edges of it. So what was special about the last one? Was it written by someone else?

The train of my thoughts was halted when I realized something.

Quietly, I crept towards the door and tried to listen carefully. The deathly silence that held the atmosphere in a limbo slowly crawled up my spine as a shiver ran down my body. Something was definitely not right. I took a step back from the door as the stairs on the other side squeaked painfully.

Slowly I backed away to the other side of the room when suddenly the lights went off, driving my mind into a frenzy.

Some sort of a thin papery thing got caught under my feet, so I bent down to pick it up.

It was a withered rose petal.

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