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   Chapter 30 Shouldn't

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The small pieces of snow drifted from the night sky, sparkling in the dark like stars. The view outside the window looked so peaceful and calm with only the faint swish of leaves blowing in the chilly wind, humming in the background. The crescent moon looked upon the night, with its aurora fighting off the darkness. I wanted to go outside and take a scrunch of ice in my hands and feel the numbness that would come after the feeling of the chilled needles have subsided. The cold wind would have blown my raven hair as I stood with my eyes closed, as the emptiness around me settles my mind.

This would have been my perfect moment only if…..

Only if Ivan was not manhandling me.

His ice cold nose occasionally brushing the edge of my nose, raged goosebumps all over my body. I felt the strong bite of pain from the edge of the kitchen counter as he dry humped me without mercy. The emergency of his lips matched his eager hands as he tried to pull up my sweater. I would have fought back if I hadn't already given up.

I gave up long ago when my father beat me up continuously even when he saw the hurt laced tears streaking my face. He simply ignored how much pain I felt as I cried and looked up at him to show some mercy. I hoped to see love through the redness in his eyes but all I saw was anger and hatred towards me.

They say that the relationship between a father and his daughter is very precious but I think there are exceptions to everything.

I used to go to sch

cribable but the sudden image of Liza flashed in front of my eyes. If she would have been in my place, she would have never tolerated this and instead, she would have fought back. She would have wanted me to fight back too.

So that's what I did.

I fought back.

The victory was slapped out of Ivan's face as my knee made contact with his manhood. He fell to the ground as he kept clutching his gender while cursing with his clenched jaw.

Mr. Dimitri took off his jacket and put it over me, trying very hard to control himself from beating up his friend. The longing look in his green eyes focused on me, motioning me to go upstairs. I wasted no time and ran up the stairs.

I shouldn't have but I did.

I shouldn't have looked back.

I shouldn't have seen Mr. Dimitri kneel down to pick up my sweater and smell it.

I shouldn't have seen the sadistic fire in his eyes when he picked up the knife.

I shouldn't have seen him moving towards Ivan with his fingers clenched around the knife.

I shouldn't have but I did.

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