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   Chapter 29 Lavender

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I stared at the neat strokes of green which shined in the faint light emitted from the TV in front of me. I am supposed to be scared of the Evil Dead playing on the screen but I am too occupied in the deep shade of mesmerizing color blinding me in an impenetrable spell. It shined with a new vigor as I let myself drift into the long ago yet not forgotten memories. The screams and shouts slowly faded into the background as my vision blurred at the recollection of the heart aching past. I clutched the blanket with all my might, trying to stop the erratic beating of my heart.

I remember the first time I saw green. It is not one of those neon-ish colors which stings your eyes nor is it too dull to make you feel depressed. I don't know what others feel when they see it but the warm feeling I get is because of more than the color itself. It holds some cherished moments which makes we want to go back to the time when I didn't know what depression meant, when I didn't know how to silently cry myself to sleep, when I didn't know what my future held, when I didn't know what my parents did when I heard shouting and crashing noises from the adjacent room.

My life used to be normal once and I wish it would have stayed that way but unfortunately, everything is not always rainbows and sunshines. Everything just changed from the night when my dad lost his job. He was in a partnership business but something went wrong and he went bankrupt. Something snapped in him that day and since then he has been different. I felt him change from this good person to a psychotic being who would do anything to make sure that others don't get the happiness he never got.

Slowly my brother followed his steps and became this bully I never wanted. I think he just longed for his father's appreciation, in any way he could get. My mother couldn't handle the depression as she too got drunk under the spell of depression. Alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs replaced the grief.

The shimmers in the green nail polish strokes on my nails sparkled as I playe

ing. Liza is a pure genius! I don't know how she came up with this Idea but it's purely evil. She set you up because she knew you'll be all gloomy doomy. She's such a great friend isn't she?" I realized that the wink he sent me was nothing but playful.

"She doesn't know what's coming for her. I can't believe you took her side when I was the one who met you first. When did you guys even started being best friends?" I narrowed my eyes at him and tucked my hands on my chest, trying to intimidate him.

I still don't understand, how did he know about the closet? I mean the closet can't easily be spotted because it is kind of like a secret door. The wallpaper on the wall strangely matched the color of the door which made it close to impossible for anyone to notice it. Liza and I found it after a week of the house being under our possession. Did Liza tell him?

He poured wine into the two wine glasses and handed me one while he sipped from the one in his hand. He stared me as he swirled the wine in the glass. I knew he was thinking about something but I couldn't be sure. Something was definitely off with him. The behavioral change in him from the first time I met him is quite unnerving. It seemed like he was a totally different person.

"You know what? Maybe you are right. Maybe I do like you" He stepped towards me with a new shine in his lavender eyes and placed his lips on mine.

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