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   Chapter 28 Cage

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Life becomes very hard when you don't have anyone to share your feelings with. You feel like you are caged in a claustrophobic room with no doors and windows. It's strange how there are so many people living in this world yet there are only a few people whom we call our friends. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if everyone on this planet knew each other and were mutual friends. Would it have decreased the number of suicides or the number of people in depression? Would it have made all of us happy or too self-conscious?

It's not possible to mentally connect with everyone and be friends with them at the same time. You can not keep everyone happy because either way someone somehow always gets hurt. So I would rather have a best friend and share everything with her than be friends with everyone while being lonely inside the whole time.

I would rather have Liza by my side than a bunch of popular girls who don't even care if you die.

The snow crusted gravel thrashed under the tires as I parked the car in the driveway. It felt quite lonely to drive without Liza sitting beside me. I don't know how I will be able to hold up without her.

A heavy sigh escaped from my lips as I rubbed my face and removed the wool muffler wound around my neck. The cold chill greeted me like sharp needles as I left the warmth of my car and slammed the door shut. I closed my eyes and tried to take a deep breath of courage but failed miserably. A harsh cough resonated in the empty air as the cold got to me. Without wasting a single moment I made a beeline towards the front door.

The hidden key under the pot of plant has always been my savior as I have a very bad memory for remembering things. I entered our home which felt too lonely and abandoned without Liza. I didn't know that Liza's absence would hit me so hard. I reluctantly went up to my room and crashed face first into the pillows on my bed. The clock on the bedside table said that it was three pm and that the day was Wednesday.

but maybe this is what was supposed to happen. This is my destiny. This is my fortune. This is my fate.

The sudden knock on the front door was so loud that I fell off the stool and landed on the floor with a big thud. Goosebumps raided my whole body as the possibility of the arrival of the stalker came to my head but I was confused since the envelope said that he will come in front of me when the rose petals will start withering. Not to mention that he threatened to steal me.

Shakily I got up when another knock rambled on the front door. I picked up the kitchen knife and took cautious steps towards the entrance and tried to peep out the peephole but as usual, the darkness surrounding the whole house didn't work for my benefit. The chain latched on the door was my last hope of security as I slowly unlocked the door. The relief I felt was indescribable as Ivan's goofy face emerged from the darkness.

I opened the door and let him in while he quizzically stared at the knife in my hand.

"Woah! Are you a cannibal? Who was going to receive that warm welcome?" Ivan wriggled his eyebrows as he removed his jacket and hanged it in the closet. The edgy smile on my face was all that I could offer to the simple question he asked me.

While in the back of my mind I couldn't understand how he knew where the closet was.

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