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   Chapter 27 Envelop

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I don't know how it feels to have a family who loved you dearly, cared for you and supported you through your hard times. I don't know how it felt to lose one's parents in a blink of an eye and be orphaned for the rest of their life. Liza did.

It is strange how you come to understand the value of things only when it is snatched away from you. It is cruel but maybe it was always the same. I admire Liza and how strong she is but sometimes her strength falters and she crumbles down. Maybe she is not strong but insecure to let her true feelings out. She has her fears and to cover them up she puts on the mask of strength. I think this is a defensive mechanism, one that I have mastered in the long term of events. Instead of strength, I chose isolation.

Isolation from everyone except Liza.

The fumes of heat rose from the coffee mug in my hands. I looked up at Liza as she finished reading the letter she received from her grandfather. Well, it was not actually sent by her grandfather but rather his lawyer.

Her grandpa died before she was born.

The everlasting frown on her forehead tried to comprehend the letter as she looked at it for more details. I took one of her hands in mine, diverting her attention towards me.

"Lizzie, I think it will be better if you do what you want to do. I am ready to go with you if you want me to. I just can't let you go alone and I know you won't be fine by yourself." Liza left the letter and took hold of both my hands as she tried very hard not to break down again.

"Rosie, trust me I want you to come with me but the thing is I can't be selfish, not when your competition is just around the corner. You have worked so hard for this competition and I won't let you miss this chance. As far as this letter is concerned, I think I need to go and check what all this is about. I mean I didn't even know that my grandfather has written a will on my the family fortune which is still unclaimed... I don't even know what to think." A hopeless sigh escaped her lips and fogged the cold air.

It is always di

spicion settled in my stomach.

With all the lights out and a very dark staircase ahead, it all felt like a scene from a horror movie. All those times when the protagonist of a movie went into a haunted place to explore, I would shout at the TV so that they would turn around and run out of that place. Now I understood how it must have felt as the curiosity strangles your mind and forces you to do something you should not.

The stairs creaked painfully as I made my way down them. With my clumsy legs I was sure I would fall down but as I landed on the last step it all felt a little surreal to me. Somehow I made my way towards the drawer in the corner and hoped to find a torch but all that I found were some old matches.

"Please, please work."

The first scratch of flame ignited a spark of hope that whatever is out there in the dark, won't be able to pounce on me. Strong and harsh gusts of wind blew outside, rattling the windows now and then. I was scared but somehow I was calm too.

I decided that grabbing a weapon for my safety wasn't such a bad idea so I tiptoed my way towards the kitchen.

The matchstick was almost at its edge of extinguish when I spotted something on the kitchen counter.

I stood there like a frozen mountain until the matchstick burned my finger and dropped to the floor.

The envelope I saw, still visible in front of my eyes.

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