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   Chapter 26 Getaway

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Sometimes I really wonder, is there really some kind of deity up above us who decides our fate? We have heard of a presence named God who has created all this around us and what we see but there is no solid proof, is there? There is a reason behind everything that happens in our life and I like to believe that it happens only because of our actions.

I am not saying that I don't believe in God, I do but sometimes it becomes hard when the faith, you believe will make it all right, fails in helping you out and when the hope you lean on makes you more hopeless. You lose your trust from the most trustworthy figure in your life, God.

I don't know whether I was losing hope or faith but I was surely letting my reason to live this life slowly slip away from my fingers. You can only take so much after you lose yourself.

I watched as the rain kept on raging throughout the night, I watched as the moon hid under the dark clouds only to resurface again, I watched as the sky turned from pitch black to a lighter shade of blue every time I blinked my eyes, I watched as my room lighted up as the sun rose and I watched as my bedroom door opened and my best friend with dark circles under her eyes entered sheepishly and laid beside me on my bed.

Both of us stared up at the fluorescent stars on the ceiling, deep in our thoughts. I expected it to be awkward since we rarely ever fought with each other but I forgot that the circumstances which brought us together not only built our relationship but bonded us too.

You would never expect a stranger to come forward and help you at the time of a crisis but that was how Liza was and that was how she found me.

"Let's run away" I wondered whether my whisper was audible enough for Liza to hear.

"I know the perfect place, " Liza whispered back as she turned her face towards m

rong and shout at me when I ignore you but will you trust me if I tell you that some things are better left unsaid?" I took her hand in mine and looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Yeah...yeah, I trust you but I am afraid that it'll be too late when you will understand your mistakes."


The last rays of sunlight painted the clear sky in deep hues of orange. The bare trees loomed in the background like caged souls stretching their hands towards freedom. The snow glistened like sparks of diamond in the sunlight as if they have never felt such happiness before.

With my spirits uplifted and my everlasting smile, I was sure that nothing can ruin the day but these moments can get lost in time like tears in rain.

Liza and I went to the front porch and found a thick Manila envelope. My heart started beating like a horse running from the hunters. Liza picked it up and turned the envelope once or twice to find the details of the sender and the receiver.

"This package is my grandfather." Liza's forehead was creased as she tried to understand the situation.

We got inside and Liza made her way towards her room. I decided to give her some space and cook dinner for the both of us.

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