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   Chapter 25 Touch

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It was raining, again.

The cold, strong and innocent drops of calmness fell from the sky, splattering on the window pane in my room. It was strange, how the moon was able to shine through the angry clouds. A distant clapping of thunder rattled the windows while I cowered in the thick covers. The rain didn't show any sign of stopping its shower, nor did my tears. No matter how many times I rubbed my eyes clear, those traitorous tears leaked down my cheeks and drenched my pillow in my misery.

No matter how many times I rubbed my eyes clear, those traitorous tears leaked down my cheeks and drenched my pillow in my misery

Sad, didn't even cover what I was feeling. Maybe I was hurt? Lonely? Hopeless? Maybe I was all three of them but all I felt was pain. Liza was still angry with me. She denied to come downstairs and have dinner with me. The only sign of her presence I felt was when I heard her going downstairs in the kitchen and the clatter of pots and pans as she made dinner. Giving her some space, I stayed up in my room, locked and lonely.

Was I sad? Is this what they call depression? No matter what I do, pain always finds its way towards me. Hope has become of limited supply these days and tears, oh these tears, they never seem to stop.

Have you ever felt your heart tear out of your chest? Or felt like there is a large shard of glass stuck to your chest, in your heart and you want to die but somehow you are still alive only because you feel the pain and someone wants you to feel the pain. It sounds cruel, doesn't it? No matter how many covers or quilts I use, I still felt the cold poison seeping into my veins, conquering my whole body.

A strong gust of wind blew in and through the window on the left wall open. It feels like the storm is not only raging outside but inside me too. I think this is what they call depression, don't they?

Why? Why did this have to happen to me? Is pain the only thing I'll ever feel? Another thunder boomed in the sky and I clenched my eyes shut. The memories haunted me again as I closed my eyes and I couldn't help but see it all before me yet again.


Ivan's green eyes stared at me with shock but he quickly hid them behind his cool facade.

"Hey, baby girl! How you doing?" He pulled out a sunglass from his jacket and put it over his eyes. It was too late though, I had seen what I was not supposed to see.

"I'm fine, how are you?" I asked him, a little unsure of how exactly to react to the situation.

"I am cool as always hun, but definitely feeling merrier at the sight of you." He winked at me as I smiled at him weirdly. Somehow this Ivan with the green eyes made me more cautious about my surroundings. "By the way, what are you doing at my f

this is a promise."

His lips slammed right onto mine as I whimpered and thrashed in his robotic hands. He was so strong that I doubted whether I was actually hitting him or just gently touching him.

His tongue darted out and licked my already opened mouth. I was totally hysteric at his behavior. The kiss deepened more and soon I found myself gasping for air but it seemed like he couldn't let go. I could feel his body shaking out of the need for air but he did not leave my lips anyway.

Kibbling, biting, sucking and the swirl of his tongue inside my mouth made me gag. My whimpers were swallowed down by his growls and moans as he continued to torture my lips for an eternity.

After a few seconds when I felt my body convulse due to loss of oxygen, I used my leftover emergency to push him off me. He barely budged but it was enough for him to understand my breathlessness.

We broke off and started greedily sucking in all the air we could. I would have collapsed on the floor if Mr. Dimitri's arms had not held me tight against his chest. I just stood there limply, too weak to protest, as his arms were wound around my waist and my torso squished against his chest. Our breaths mingled with each other as our chest rose up and down in sync.

This would have been a perfect moment if we were lovers and had confidence and trusts in each other to exchange our hearts. In fact, I had always dreamed of kissing my the one in a similar fashion.

Alas, this was not a fairy tale and he was not my Prince charming. He was my teacher and this was a sinful moment we shared.

After all, we are not supposed to fall in love with our teachers neither are we allowed to romance them. Not that I minded much because I had no feelings for the green eyes devil in front of me but I highly doubted his feelings for me.

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