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   Chapter 24 Lies

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I was lost yet again in those mysterious green orbs, staring at me with something undecipherable. Those eyes could look right through me, at my soul and I won't even protest. How could green be so mesmerizing?

I never understood how people said that you could read anyone by looking them in the eye. Maybe you can feel it? Just like I could feel his gaze on me.

Those hypnotic eyes narrowed a bit, annoyed maybe? Scrutinising me, trying to read me, expecting me to look away but I was trapped in those green meshes.

Numerous thoughts crossed my mind, numerous questions whirled around in my head but that would mean that I will have to confront him. I was still confused by his actions and I really wanted to solve the mystery named Dimitri Nevada.

Maybe it was good luck or maybe it was just a coincident when I felt the chair in the next row, just beside me screech, diverting my attention to the famous jock Abel. I can't deny that I was thankful for the distraction.

"Ladies how you doing? Missed me?" He smirked and flipped his hair back like those typical Casanovas and trained his eyes on Rachel sitting on the other side of me.

"For God's sake Abel, can't you let me have some much-needed peace? As it is I have to tolerate you during those training sessions." She huffed and straightened the glasses on her nose.

"Awww! Look who's salty! I know you can't fight the temptation of these lips." Abel made a kissy face and leaned towards her but I think he forgot that there is a 5'4'' girl sitting in between his prey.

I smashed my palm on his lips and moved him away while trying to ask Rachel.

with me! Am I so unreliable?" My body was not complying with me, I wanted to open my mouth and tell her everything that has been happening to me but every time I back off. All I did was just gawk at Liza and see the pain of being betrayed written all over her face.

I saw it all happen as she got out of the car, slammed her door and left me in the garage without even sparing a glance.

I wish I could tell her all that happened to me. I wish I could share my pain with her.

But I have been threatened no, not threatened but promised that something might happen to my best friend if I ever disclose the secrets from the music class.


As I made my way towards the music class, I was really trying to understand what was going on with my life.

The stalker, The threats, The envelopes, And

Mr. Dimitri.

It seems like everything in my life changed when Ivan stepped into my house along with Mr. Dimitri.

I opened the door to the music class and my eyes came face to face with green eyes.

And the beholder of those green eyes was none other than Ivan.

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