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   Chapter 23 Acquaintances

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Rose is red

My love is too.

Red like your cheeks

When you blush, When I stare at you.

You don't know though

Who I am.

A lover, A stalker, An admirer.

But I'll forever stay yours

And you'll forever stay mine.

Let God help them

Whoever comes in between.

Because I won't let them

Steal my thing.

Don't tell anyone about this my love, Because then you will loose whomever you love.

Your submission is what I want

And your submission is what I'll get.

So don't fight hard, Give up instead.

Adieu, my love.

Wait for me, I'll come soon

To steal my moon.


The white envelope looked too innocent to hold such life-threatening words in a letter when I saw it sitting on my nightstand.

My groggy eyes had just woken up from the alarm clock when it spotted the envelope. Curiosity got the best of me and I didn't wait for a second to open it.

As soon as I did, the world crashed around me and the previous night stroke me like a lightning bolt.

Fear, shame, threats, darkness, and helplessness.

The similar neat cursive handwriting stared back at me, mocking me, daring me, to open my mouth and let out a piercing scream.

My shaking hands somehow found a chair nearby to support my weak legs.

It was the same guy who claimed to be my stalker in my previous letter.

The previous letter was a threat and so was this one. I simply could not wrap my mind around the fact that someone was indeed stalking me. This letter made me devastated. I ran my eyes on each and each and every word at least five times but still I could not believe what I saw. This had to be a dream or rather a nightmare.

I was still shaken up from the previous night and I hoped that it was just an illusion but th

de of the cafeteria. "I mean he is such an asshole! He always tries to distract me while Mr. Dimitri doesn't even care what we do. He just sits there, staring at his laptop." She huffed an annoyed sigh and took a bite out of her peanut butter sandwich.

"I feel bad for you." I chuckled and moved my eyes towards the door of the cafeteria, only to get caught by green eyes.

Somehow I cleared my throat and pulled my vision towards Rachel.

"Hey, would you like to sit with me in music class?"


This time I decided to walk straight in and go to my seat without getting distracted.

I held my head low and got inside the music class with my gaze strictly directed towards my feet.

Rachel walked with me and we both headed to the seats. She sat beside me and gave me a polite smile which I returned.

I could clearly feel the strong piercing gaze pointed towards me from the front of the class but I swore not to give in to curiosity and look up.

"Hey, Mr. Dimitri looks totally pissed out and he is just glaring at you. Did you do something wrong?" Rachel whispered into my ear which made me do the one thing I didn't want to do.

I looked up.

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